For many companies, a multifunction device is a big investment. But, are you getting maximum ROI from your device? Is your team using all of the features your MFP provides?

Let’s take a look at the three main types of MFPs and some of the features they offer that you might not be aware of:

Types of Multifunction Print Devices

To make it easier for business owners to choose the best MFP to meet their needs, manufacturers separate their products into categories to better differentiate their core use. To complicate things, there are differences between copiers within each category and across categories. Some offer faster print times, while others may offer more features or functionality. While there’s no standard, here are the three basic categories of MFPs.

  • All-in-One – These are smaller devices suitable for the home or home-office. Most offer some additional features like a digital camera card reader or advanced wifi capabilities.
  • Small Office Device – The small office devices comes as both a smaller stand-alone unit and a desktop device, depending on your needs. Larger units offer advanced features and can typically, scan, print, copy, and fax.
  • Office Copier – Mid-sized or larger units offer a wealth of advanced features and can include networked document storage, custom software support, encryption, and end-user authentication.

MFP Features You May Not Be Aware Of

Today most MFPs offer fax, print, scan and copy functions. Here are some additional advanced features you might not know about…

  • Advanced Print Functions – Some machines offer advanced finishing and folding capabilities including default duplex printing, stapling and cover binding. Many devices also handle various paper sizes.
  • Fax – Did you know that the fax function in many MFPs can also function as an answering machine? With a networked copier and a user ID, your MFP can deliver voice messages to authorized users.
  • Scanning – Many MFPs incorporate built-in security features. You can scan documents directly into other programs allowing you to digitize workflows. Scanned documents can be shared, edited and stored to the cloud.

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