Does your team still waste time searching for information? According to a recent McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours each day searching and gathering information.

Today, finding information that matters doesn’t have to cost you almost 10 hours of lost time each week!

A document management system digitally organizes your files and documents, making them easily accessible and centrally located. By making information easy to find, the time saved can be used for mission-critical tasks. Document management systems are the perfect solution to streamline processes and simplify document retrieval.

What Are the Benefits of a Document Management System?

Besides saving time, you’ll enjoy many other benefits when you transition to a digital document management system. Here are just a few:

  • Centralized Management– Digital documents can be categorized, organized, stored, and disposed of digitally. Search for files using keywords and labels.
  • Improved Collaboration– Document management systems allow teams to share ideas, collaborate and edit documents in real-time. This decreases the time required to work on and forward documents to the next team member. Changes are saved, and multiple versions are created to document the journey of any document.
  • Data Security– Managed documents in a system are secure. Many systems implement access controls. Managers can grant access to individual team members to access specific files and documents based on their needs. Modifications and changes are tracked, and all audit information is stored in the document history.
  • Simplified Retrieval – A document management system helps streamline the file retrieval process by allowing you to search using a keyword, or phrase, instead of sorting through a pile of papers to find the document you need.
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – When you make the switch from paper to digital documents, you save a significant amount of paper, toner, and the devices needed to print, scan, or fax documents. Paperless systems are a step in the right direction both because they are more sustainable and also by increasing cost-efficiency.

A document management system is an excellent, paper-free way to organize, store, and edit all types of documents. Are you ready to learn more? Call us today and let us show you how a document management system can help you save time, boost your team’s productivity, and grow your business!