Are you considering engaging a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider? MPS is about a lot more than fixing printers and ordering consumables. An effective MPS strategy can help you cut costs, streamline workflows, provide better service, and improve security.

This post will define MPS and answer the common questions we are often asked about Managed Print Services.

So What is Managed Print?

Managed Print is a third-party solution consisting of a set of services that address the issues related to your print environment, workflows, and processes. By integrating devices with customizable software, organizations of every size can enjoy reduced consumables use, and support green initiatives.

An MPS provider will provide remote monitoring, proactively resolve issues, increase efficiencies and reduce downtime. With a Managed Print solution you can lower costs by as much as 30 percent!

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Common MPS Questions

There are several questions that we are often asked about Managed Print. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear about MPS:

How Does Managed Print Work?

An MPS provider first assesses your company’s print environment, processes, and workflows to identify any bottlenecks and where improvements could be made. Next, they will review your equipment and gain an understanding of how your team uses it, how supplies are stocked, and the lifespan of each device. They will then develop a plan that aligns with your goals.

How Can MPS Improve My Operation?

Once they have an understanding of your business, an MPS provider can:

  • Identify redundancies and eliminate under-used assets
  • Improve spend predictability by providing a consistent all-in-one monthly invoice.
  • Implement rules and processes to dramatically reduce costs for example, limiting color copying, defaulting to double-sided printing, routing jobs to the most cost-efficient devices, and more.

Does Managed Print Improve Security?

Today’s printers are sophisticated networked devices. Because of this, they are a potential vulnerability. An MPS provider will address issues like patching and updating devices, eliminating back doors for hackers, changing print network passwords, implementing restrictions, and other measures to secure printers from internal and external threats.

The Bottom Line…

A Managed Print solution can lower your costs, streamline workflows, reduce consumables use, and free up your in-house IT team’s time to focus on key business initiatives. Businesses of every size in any industry can benefit from a Managed Print solution. Want to learn more? Call us and schedule a free no-obligation assessment of your print environment today!