Is your printer breaking down frequently?  Are employees having to wait in line to get their print jobs? If your print environment isn’t running efficiently, neither is your business! However, it can be hard to think about purchasing new equipment in December, as you’re wrapping up the fiscal year. But the truth is, December is a great time to make these big equipment purchases for several reasons.

Take Advantage of a Budget Surplus

When a department is allotted money for the year, it’s often a matter of “use it or lose it”. That means if you’re looking at a budget surplus come December, you’d better spend it! Making a big purchase, such as replacing your office printer, can use up this budget surplus, making the best use of the funds you were allocated.

Get off to a Fresh Start

Often times, businesses only make printer purchases when they absolutely have to – which means, when a printer is broken down beyond repair and productivity is suffering. This leads to rushed purchases and overspending. Instead, vow to stay ahead of the game, and get a jump start on a healthy print environment by investing in new printers now.

Get the Tax Benefits

Purchasing new office equipment in December can help out your tax burden for this year, while also setting your office up for a more productive and successful year.

Are you thinking about replacing some office equipment, but pushing it off until next year?  Don’t wait! December is the perfect time to purchase new printers and other office equipment. Give us a call for a free quote and let us help you get off on the right foot in 2020!