COVID really threw us all for a loop! Most of us have been working from home since this spring. We haven’t been to the office, turned on the lights, and printed a single document in weeks. As we move toward reopening after a long break, it’s important to perform some basic printer maintenance before jumping in.

Did you know that long periods of inactivity can wreak havoc on printers and MFPs? For most of us, shut down since March, we are beginning to experience the direct effects of COVID quarantines on our office equipment. Our printers have been sitting idle since March, in less than perfect environments causing issues like:

  • Dry ink which can clump, compact, or solidify.
  • Paper can become damp, and other media can be damaged leading to poor image output, and paper jams.
  • Many businesses use Windows OS. Systems that have been off for a long period, when restarted, can have issues with Windows OS trying to update in the background. This can cause issues like slowdowns.

Avoiding Common Printer Issues

Start by visiting the websites of the manufacturers of your devices and look for tips or articles for maximizing device performance. Make sure to check for your specific models. Look for spec sheets, blog articles, tips, and best practices.

Think “START” for maximizing printer performance:

Stabilize your print environment. Keep temperature and humidity within the manufacturer’s suggested ranges.

Turn on your device first, then turn on any digital front end, if applicable.

Allow the device to warm up. Check for any messages and follow all prompts.

Replace any media or paper that appears to be wrinkled, damaged or damp.

Test your printer’s performance by running several test jobs.

It’s important to give your printers a thorough check, especially after a long shutdown as we’ve just experienced. If you’re not sure where to start, give us a call. We’re always here to answer your questions and help you take the proper steps to get back to work efficiently, productively, and most importantly, safely!