Have you considered Managed Print Services for your business? A great provider will not only help you define your needs, they will work with you to reduce the number of documents you produce, reduce IT downtime from print issues, and lower your costs all while boosting productivity!

Getting the maximum value from an MPS partnership means working with an experienced provider who will take the time to understand your business. Start by asking the right questions during the vetting process.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect MPS provider:

  • Start with Analysis – Every business is unique. Ask MPS candidates how they will work with you to define your unique needs. Do they use software analysis to determine usage and cost?
  • Check Their Track Record – Check references. Do they have experience providing solutions to businesses like yours? Ask current and former clients about their experience. Did they provide services as promised?
  • Can They Improve Workflows? – Today, business relies on both digital and hardcopy information. Depending on how information flows through your company, documents may need to be printed, digitized or both. Ask how the provider will integrate digital and manual processes so information flows unobstructed through your organization smoothly and predictably.
  • Ask About Hardware/Software Integration – Will their solutions fit within your existing IT infrastructure? Will you need to upgrade equipment, or purchase new hardware or software? Can you leverage your existing investment? Will their solution connect to the cloud and is it compatible with your existing applications?
  • Think Ahead – Can the provider meet your existing needs and continue to grow with you if your needs change? A solution that lasts for six months and can’t grow with you isn’t a solution. Make sure there is an upgrade path and that the provider can implement it.
  • Security is Important – It’s a dangerous world and breaches happen every day. Does the provider offer the latest security plans from trusted partners?

The right MPS provider and MPS strategy can be a game changer for your business. You’ll cut costs, control your print environment, spend less time managing information and have more time to focus on core initiatives like growing your business. Ask the right questions upfront and you’ll find the perfect partner and get the best ROI over the long-term!

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