A Managed Print Services provider can help to transform your current print infrastructure with customized strategies and solutions designed to help you gain clarity and regain control over every aspect of your print environment. If you’re considering partnering with an MPS provider it’s important to learn all you can in order to make the right decision for your organization, including the truth behind a number of common MPS myths.

Myth #1 – MPS is expensive to implement.

With MPS you can experience immediate short-term and significant long-term savings, of up to 30 percent or more. Every MPS partnership begins with a comprehensive print assessment to determine your actual cost of printing, establish an inventory of your equipment, and discover inefficiencies in your workflow. Once you discover how much is being spent on print equipment, document processing, and consumables, you can begin to implement changes towards a more eco-friendly, cost-effective print environment.

Myth #2 – MPS requires a complete overhaul of your print infrastructure.

The number and type of printers you own may need to increase or decrease depending on the unique needs of your organization. Old, inefficient, or inadequately sized equipment should be eliminated or replaced to reflect the demands of your employees, and print rules put in place to reduce waste.

Myth #3 – MPS is only for large organizations.

Small to medium-sized businesses can also benefit from MPS, which is fully customizable and scalable regardless of how many printers you own.

Myth #4 – Printing isn’t as important anymore.

Digitization has changed the face of printing, as more and more aspects of business may be conducted through cloud computing or wireless communications. Most organizations, however, still rely on paper for a multitude of day to day processes, making the paperless office an idea whose time has yet to come.

Myth #5 – MPS will disrupt office and document workflow.

MPS is designed to streamline workflows with strategic printer placement for ease of access, real-time ordering of consumables to eliminate excess inventory, and routine maintenance to help prevent breakdowns, unnecessary downtime, and costly repairs.

Myth #6 – IT staff can effectively manage your print.

IT personnel have a unique skill set that can be better utilized in other areas of your business. An MPS provider takes care of routine and complex tasks so that your IT department can focus on more important projects.

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