Apps have changed the way people interact with their devices – and the world. With the tap of a screen, you can order food, go shopping, play a game, or perform many other tasks. Xerox has brought the power of apps to its multifunction printers with Xerox ConnectKey technology. With this innovation, even small businesses can get big results with a simple tap or swipe.

Go Mobile

Today’s office is a mobile office. With tablets and smartphones, employees can get work done wherever they are. With ConnectKey and the Xerox Mobile Link app, Xerox brings the power of having a printer on the road with you as well. With this app you can configure and initiate jobs, allowing you to scan, print, and fax right from your mobile device.

Scanning Made Easy

Going digital is easier for the small business than ever before, thanks to the power of Xerox ConnectKey apps. When you scan a document with a ConnectKey-enabled printer, you can send it directly to the cloud, email it, make it into an editable Word document, or make a searchable PDF. Whatever you want to do, there’s a ConnectKey app to help, such as the Xerox Scan to Cloud Email app. Now with the touch of a button on your printer, you can get your documents where they need to go.

Translation Services

Do you ever need a document translated quickly but don’t have the resources readily available? With the Xerox Easy Translator Service, you can have documents automatically translated into over 40 languages. You also get access to professional translators for more precise translations. With easy access from your phone, PC, or printer, you can be sure your documents are ready for today’s global business world.

App Gallery

The power of ConnectKey is in the apps you will find in the Xerox App Gallery. This growing library has solutions that are right for every size business, to make your everyday tasks easier than ever before.

Apps are powerful tools that have changed the way people use their devices. With Xerox ConnectKey technology, you can bring the power of apps to the printer, making even complex print tasks easy.

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