Nothing is worse than spending hours on a project only to have your printer disappoint. Selecting the right printer is important whether you work from home, or share an office printer.

We know that choosing the right printer can be a challenge. There is a huge selection available, all with different features, specifications, and price points. We can help you to define your needs, and understand your choices.

Here are three tips to help guide your choice!

What kind of functionality do you need?This is the most important question you’ll need to answer. If you are printing interoffice documents, emails, or the occasional letter, an inkjet will most likely fit the bill. They are less expensive than a laser printer, however, ink cartridges are expensive and can run out quickly with use.

If you print large numbers of documents regularly, consider a laser printer. The initial cost is higher, but cartridges last longer and you’ll spend less over the long-term. Consider your available space and budget. You might want to purchase a multifunction printer that includes a copier, fax, and scanner.

Features you need (and some you don’t)Not all printers are created equal!  Some obvious considerations: color or black and white? Do you scan frequently? Do you need to share documents online? Spend some time really thinking about what features could be a benefit to your business.

Can You Secure Your Device?Studies have shown that an unsecured printer is a security risk. If you’re connecting your printer to your network, it should be secured, just like any other device. Invest in a printer or MFP that offers security features including the ability to encrypt access through password protection.

Most of us find choosing a printer confusing. If you need help navigating through your choices, give us a call! We can provide you with  a quick quote and/or a free print assessment. Whether you’re looking for a printer for your home office or a fleet for the office, we’re here and ready to help!