One of the most fundamental principles in business is this: time is money. Today’s employees can spend as much as 50% of their time searching for documents, filing them and dealing with the challenges associated with paper – all at a great cost to your business. However, the use of scanning and digital documents can dramatically increase your productivity and decrease your costs.

  1. Scan to Share – Sharing is one of the greatest challenges with paper documents, especially when you have employees and clients across multiple locations. Scanning a document with your Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printer can make sharing a snap. Your document can be scanned to email, network folders and the cloud, able to be accessed anywhere in the world, instantly.
  2. Scan to Store – Filing paper documents is a tedious and expensive process. Filing cabinets take up space and cost money to maintain. A lost or misfiled document can cost your business hundreds of dollars. When you scan a document, you can create a searchable PDF stored securely on the network or in the cloud. When employees need to find the document, they can type in just a few key words and have the document in seconds.
  3. Scan to Simplify – Some paper-heavy tasks don’t have to be so complicated. Workflows such as invoicing can be managed with one-touch apps that can be accessed on your Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFP. These custom workflows can take effort-heavy tasks and make them simple, freeing up your employees to do work that more directly benefits your business.
  4. Scan on the Go – Scanning no longer needs to be done in the office. With today’s mobile devices, more people are doing work on the go than ever before. The Xerox Mobile Link App lets your phone or tablet act as a scanner or fax machine, sending documents to the cloud or the printer from wherever you are. This dramatically increases employee mobile productivity, and eliminates the need for taking multiple devices on the road.
  5. Scan Securely – With all this scanning, you may be wondering if your documents are secure. Xerox ConnectKey technology integrates end-to-end encryption, keeping your documents secure every step of the way. With optional passwords and secure external email connectivity, you can scan and send confidently.

Scanning can change the way you do business. With increased productivity and decreased costs, you’ll find your employees, clients and bottom line all benefit from the advances in scanning technology.

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