Do you know how much paper you use each year? The statistics might shock you. Even in today’s digital world, offices are still relying on paper, which affects not only the environment, but also your bottom line. Consider these facts.

10,000 Sheets

On average, each American office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. That’s over $725 per employee, per year. Overall, it adds up to over 12 trillion sheets of paper used by U.S. offices each year, or over 4 million tons of paper.

Multiple Copies

For each document printed, there are, on average, 19 copies made. 1 in 20 documents will get lost, and the time spent searching for those lost documents can cost upwards of $350.

Wasted Prints

Nearly half of all prints made end up in the recycling bin – or worse, the trash. Each office worker produces over 1 pound of paper waste a day. Over 25% of all waste in the U.S. is paper-based.

Lost Time and Money

Printed documents can take about 18 minutes to find in the filing cabinet, with misfiled or lost documents eating up valuable time. A filing cabinet alone costs $1500 per year to maintain, and for every 12 cabinets, you’ll need an additional employee to manage it.


Print is one of the top three costs for most business, but 90% of companies do not know or understand where their print money goes. Approximately 40% of print costs are never formally approved, and nearly half of all help desk calls are print related. These hidden print costs can add up quickly.

If these statistics surprise you, you’re not alone. Implementing a print policy with an eye towards conservation, reducing wasteful printing, and recycling can help your office get a handle on your paper use. Want to learn more? We can help! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation print assessment.

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