When it comes time to replace your existing print equipment, one of the biggest challenges you will face is deciding which type of device to purchase to ensure maximum efficiency, productivity, and workflow. If you are unsure whether to invest in a standard office copier or a multifunction printer read on to learn more about the differences between the two and which of these options would work better for you!


While both a standalone copier and a multifunction printer (MFP) can produce and copy high-quality documents, the similarities end there. An older copier may only have black and white print capabilities but today’s MFPs are designed to produce documents in black only or color mode depending on your needs. In addition to copying, your MFP can also print, scan, fax, and perform other tasks that a standard office copier can’t, with wireless and remote capabilities for those on the go.


Small to medium-size business owners and managers will appreciate the compact size of many MFPs, including desktop models. When compared to the bulky office copier, one or more MFPs placed throughout the office can help to preserve valuable square footage and increase accessibility, workflow, and efficiency.


The cost of print devices can vary greatly depending on their size, print capabilities, print volumes, and more. In the case of multifunction devices, there can be a big difference in price between color inkjet and color laser printers, where the inkjet unit costs more to operate due to the price of the ink cartridges.

Ease of Use

Touchscreen and remote capabilities make today’s MFPs more user-friendly than ever despite their many features and functions. While they only perform a single task, a standard office copier has an array of controls and settings that often make them more challenging to use.

New Standards

With so many features, compact size, and affordability, most businesses have at least one MFP among their print fleet and many have replaced the office copier altogether. While a standard copier is better suited in an environment where high volumes of copies are needed on a regular basis, the trend is towards energy-efficient MFP devices that can help save time and money while reducing paper usage.

We can help to assess your current needs and print environment to help you make the best decision for your unique organization. Contact us today to learn more!