If you are like most business owners and managers you don’t give much thought to your company’s print environment. However, when you consider that most organizations spend between one and three percent of their annual revenues on printing it pays to be aware of the true cost, and the best way to find that out is with a professional print assessment. Here’s what you can expect during the assessment process and how it can help your business to succeed.

Detailed Inventory

A print assessment begins with an inventory of your current print fleet, taking into account several variables which contribute to the cost and efficiency of your print environment, including:

  • Number of machines, including printers, faxes, copiers, multifunction print devices, scanners, and more
  • Age, features, and network capabilities
  • Make, model and manufacturer of each item
  • Location
  • Employee to device ratio

Review of Monthly Expenditures

In the absence of a print policy or centralized purchasing, invoices may be spread across different departments with several different individuals responsible for the purchase of incidentals and equipment, printer maintenance and repair. In order to determine the true cost of printing, it is necessary to compile this information which can also help determine which machines may need to be replaced.

Assessment of Business Initiatives

After careful examination of your business initiatives, your print provider can better determine your technology needs, and they will work to find solutions and opportunities to propel your company forward. By increasing the rate of document production, enhancing security, and reducing or eliminating errors you can help to achieve your goals and optimize your print environment.

Calculate Third-Party Print Costs

If you find yourself outsourcing large batch jobs or special projects on a regular basis because you lack the efficiency or print equipment to complete them in-house, you may be able to save money with the right technology solutions.

Track Employee Burden Rates 

The time that your employees spend managing your print environment can be better spent on growing your business. To determine how much time is being spent on your print environment by each team member, track the following:

  • Supply ordering, inventory, and management
  • Printer troubleshooting and repairs
  • Scheduling maintenance
  • Processing monthly, quarterly, and annual invoices
  • Managing printer inventory

A professional print assessment from a Managed Print Services provider can help you identify where your print budget is being spent and offer solutions that can help to lower your costs and enhance document production and efficiency. Contact us today to get started.