When your copier is working well, you probably don’t give much thought to it. However, when it doesn’t work, it can cause serious problems for your office. Here are some tips to fix simple issues and keep your copier running.

Be Gentle

When the copier isn’t working to it’s full potential, it can be frustrating. But you need to remember to treat the copier gently, or you might just cause more problems. Follow the on-screen prompts and owner’s manual advice for how to solve problems. When it doubt, call a professional for help.

Look for the Simple Solutions

Most copier problems are easy to solve, such as a paper jam. Streaks can be caused by a smudge on the glass, which is easy to fix yourself, or cleaning up a toner spill. Look for the most obvious issues, clean what you can, and run some test copies to get a better understanding of what is happening.

Try Again

Sometimes an error, such as a paper jam, can’t be recovered from by simply taking out the paper that’s stuck. Sometimes you need to clear the print queue and resend the job. This can happen for a number of reasons, including a corrupt print job. Take the time to restart.

Use the Right Supplies

If you use the wrong toner or an unsupported type of paper, you can run into issues. Always use the recommended products, making sure to get supplies from authorized suppliers. This will greatly reduce the risk of lower-quality supplies hurting your copier.

Do Regular Maintenance

Keeping up with your copier’s maintenance doesn’t have to be time consuming. These simple tasks can make a big difference:

  • Regularly clean debris from the print track.
  • Wash the copy screen as recommended.
  • Clean spills up promptly.
  • Remove paper jams completely.
  • Run test copies after significant downtime (such as a weekend).

The office copier is an essential piece of equipment. Taking the time to do regular maintenance tasks, looking for simple solutions, and following the manufacturer’s recommendations can go a long way towards the health of your copier. But remember: not every copier problem can be solved yourself, so don’t be afraid to ask your print provider for help when needed. Contact us for more information.

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