Considering that spring is the season of rejuvenation and fresh starts, many of us are motivated to take care of some much needed spring cleaning. However, as you create your “to do” list, don’t forget about your office!

Here are spring cleaning best practices for your office you can implement today:

  1. Divide your workspace into zones. Your office serves your needs in many capacities, from filing paperwork to tackling in-depth projects. When you take on too many tasks at once, it’s easy for your office to look like a disaster zone. Eliminate the calamity by dividing your workspace into zones. For example, designate a library area for all of your resources and a storage area for all of your supplies. When everything in your office has a place, you’ll create a sense of order and prevent clutter from accumulating. 
  1. Minimize paper. Paper can quickly pile up on your desk. If you can find a way to minimize your need for paper, keeping your office in order will be much more manageable. Scan documents to store them electronically to the cloud so that you can access them securely from any location at any time. 
  1. Clean out your inbox. Research reveals that the average office employee receives 121 emails each day. As a result, checking your email can be time consuming. Add some order to your inbox by grouping conversations and creating folders.  This will make it easier for you to retrieve emails when you need them. Encourage your contacts to use other forms of communication to reach you by including a link to a messenger app in your email signature. 
  1. Designate a drawer for short-term items. At the start of each month, consider all of the items that you’ll need over the next few weeks. Your list could include specific documents, invitations, event paraphernalia, and more. Designating a drawer in your office to store these short-term items will make it easy for you to find these items when you need it. Be sure to refresh your drawer at the start of each month to keep your items organized. 

Spring cleaning your office doesn’t have to be an overwhelming project. Start small by de-cluttering one or two areas at a time. The satisfaction that you’ll feel after organizing these initial areas in your office will give you the motivation to continue on with your spring cleaning.

Looking for more ways to get your office clutter under control? Talk to us about our document management solutions. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a more organized office, reduced need for storage, ease of collaboration and increased security!

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