The copier is a staple in the workplace and helps employees to carry out critical everyday tasks such as copying, printing, scanning and faxing. With frequent use, these complex pieces of machinery will wear down over time. However, here are several best practices to keep your copier operating at its peak efficiency:

1. Offer training. Train your employees on how to properly use the copier. Educating your employees about the copier’s various functionalities will go a long way.

2. Choose the right copier for your needs. The best way to choose the right copier for your company’s needs is to have a proven Managed Print Services provider conduct a print assessment. This fact-based report will reveal your actual printing volumes and behaviors and will serve as a useful guide for selecting the optimal copier for your needs. 

3. Clean your copier. Dust is your copier’s worst enemy as it can scratch the glass, cause the rollers to slip and affect output quality. Clean glass weekly and vacuum out paper drawers monthly. Don’t allow employees to eat or drink near the copier.

4. Keep sharp objects away from the copier. If the glass on the copier is scratched, it will have negative repercussions on output quality. 

5. Turn off the copier when it’s not being used. Make a habit of turning off the copier outside of business hours to conserve power and prolong the useful life of your copier.

6. Wipe the copier’s hard drive clean at the end of its useful life. Your copier has a hard drive that contains confidential information that is transmitted to and from your network. When it comes time to replace your copier, be sure to either wipe its hard drive clean or destroy it. Otherwise you risk having sensitive information fall into the hands of the wrong person. 

7. Choose the right Managed Print Services provider. Partnering with the right Managed Print Services provider can help to ensure that you have the best copier for your company’s needs and that your machine is routinely serviced. Your Managed Print Services provider will help to keep your copier operating at its peak efficiency so that there are no interruptions in workflows. 

The copier plays a critical role in the workplace and embracing these best practices will help to keep your office productivity rolling. 

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