A Managed Print Services provider can help businesses of all sizes to reduce print costs, reduce waste, and increase security. But how do you choose the best provider for your business? These tips can help.

Get an On-Site Assessment

Every business has its own unique print needs. When you’re looking for a Managed Print provider, you want one that will consider your needs before trying to sell you a service or product. Your potential provider should first meet with you and understand your print usage and concerns, what your goals are, and what equipment you already have. With these factors in mind, they can put together a solution that’s best suited to your unique business.

Ask Questions – A Lot of Questions

Print is a major expense, and you want a Managed Print provider who will meet all of your needs and address all of your concerns. Some things you may want to know are:

  • What’s the response time for service calls?
  • How long does it take to get help desk service?
  • Do you provide automatic supply replenishment?
  • How do you ensure data security?
  • What does your device and toner recycling program look like?
  • Do you train our employees on new equipment and procedures?

By addressing these issues before you sign a contract, you can be more confident that the provider will be right for you.

Printer Security

Cyber security is a necessary topic for Managed Print providers to address. The printer is often a weak spot on the network and needs special consideration. You will want your provider to offer a variety of print security techniques, including data encryption, regular software and firmware updates, and user authentication. In today’s world, printer security is an absolute necessity for all businesses.

Scalable Solutions

If your business grows, will your Managed Print Services grow along with it? You want to choose a provider that will be flexible with your changing needs. Talk to any potential providers about the goals for your business and how their solutions can be scaled up to match your growth over time. Addressing these issues upfront ensures you won’t be locked into a contract that you’ll soon outgrow.

Managed Print is a valuable service for many businesses, but not all providers are equal. By investigating these topics, you can find the provider that’s best suited to your business and its needs.