Do you know how much your company spends on print? Between supplies, maintenance, and time, the costs can really add up, and many companies aren’t aware how much they’re truly spending. If you’re worried about your bottom line, maybe it’s time to look at your print environment to see if opportunity exists to uncover savings.

Employee Time

How much time do your employees spend on ordering supplies, or troubleshooting printing problems? Paper jams and other causes of printer downtime mean more time that your employees can’t do their work. At the same time, it often falls to these same employees – or the IT team – to try to solve the problems. Add in the time spent ordering and replacing supplies, and you have a lot of time being spent on printer issues.

Supply Replacement

Speaking of supply replacement, this is another costly area for companies. If you run out of toner or paper you can’t print, leading to downtime while you wait for an order to be replaced and received. However, ordering too many supplies means increased storage costs and possibly supply waste if you can’t use them before they expire. If you don’t have an ordering protocol and someone keeping track of your supplies and spending, you could easily be overspending on supplies and not even know it.

Managed Print

If these problems sound familiar, there is a solution: Managed Print Services. These service providers can take over the management of your print environment, handling everything from automatic supply refills to troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. By partnering with print experts, you can take advantage of their knowledge to design and implement a more efficient print environment. When it comes time to replace a printer, they can guide you to a printer that will best suit your needs, while staying within your budget.

Managed Print Services is a cost-effective solution for many companies, resulting in a reduction of print costs and allowing your employees to return to their important projects instead of dealing with print problems. Many companies can save us much as 30% on print after partnering with a Managed Print provider.

If print is costing your company, Managed Print Services can help. Contact us today and talk to one of our team members about a free, no-obligation print assessment.