Law firms rely heavily on print output for day-to-day operations. The average firm prints legal filings, contracts, courtroom transcripts and exhibits, trusts, wills, depositions, and much more. Often these materials are time-sensitive, need to be delivered to clients, or presented at trial.

According to an ALL Associates Group survey, printing accounts for 13.7% of annual revenues at the typical firm. This is double the cost for all other industries.

How Much Are You Really Spending Annually on Print?

Many law firms have no idea how much they are actually spending on print. This is especially problematic for firms that need to accurately track costs and bill clients. According to industry trade groups, over 85% of print output is client-related and billable.

Managed Print Services offer solutions to manage, track and control print costs specifically for law firms. With an often-diverse fleet of printers, many firms struggle with redundancy and duplicated costs. MPS addresses and can eliminate these issues.

Here are three ways MPS can help your firm to save both time and money.

  1. Security – Confidentiality is crucial in the legal industry. That means having security protocols in place to protect information in-house and in-transit. MPS enhances security with solutions like user authentication, at-device printing and auditing.
  2. Analysis – Many firms use outdated technology, have idle printers or redundancy. An MPS assessment measures the current state of your print environment and offers solutions to retire outdated devices, upgrade and streamline workflows for better efficiency and lower costs.
  3. Auditing and Controls – In the legal world, practices are regulated and compliance is necessary. MPS can set systems in place to automate the gathering of compliance-related data and generate reports for you, your clients and regulators.

Managed Print Services can control your costs, increase productivity, manage technology, streamline workflows, and remove print repair and maintenance out of your IT team’s hands freeing up their time to focus on core business initiatives. If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of Managed Print Services for your law firm, call us today and schedule a free print assessment to get started.