Printing plays a critical role in the education space, so it’s important that school districts have reliable printing infrastructures that they can count on. A challenge that schools are faced with is keeping up with advancements in print technology while working within a limited budget. Managed Print Services can help school districts realize the benefits of the latest print technology while also staying within their set budget.

Here is how a partnership with Managed Print Services can benefit your school district:

Make you aware of your actual printing costs, volumes and behaviors.

Few school districts are aware of what they’re actually paying in printing costs. If the cost of printing is not carefully managed, it can create a major stress on your budget.

A Managed Print Services partner will begin the relationship by conducting a print assessment to determine what your school district’s actual printing costs, volumes, and behaviors are. This fact-based report will identify ways to optimize your print environment and can save your school district as much as 30 percent in print-related costs.

Eliminates the need to use multiple vendors for print supplies and maintenance. 

When taking an audit of a school district’s print environment, it’s not unusual to find a variety of printer makes and models. Often, these printers are serviced by different vendors, making maintenance a headache to schedule. Also, budget-conscious schools have a tendency to utilize inexpensive desktop printers. While desktop printers offer a cost-effective solution upfront, the cost of supplies to maintain these devices can be astronomical.

Your Managed Print Services partner can serve as your one-stop shop for handling the maintenance of your printers and the purchase of supplies to keep devices in operation and control printing costs.

Minimizes printer downtime.

When printers are out of order, it slows down the productivity of your staff. Partnering with Managed Print Services will ensure that your printers are proactively maintained to minimize downtime and employee frustration.

Allows you to utilize the latest print technology.

Many school districts are relying on out-of-date print technology as they want to stay within budget. In reality, a Managed Print Services provider can allow your school to realize the benefits of the latest print technology without blowing your budget.

Contact us to learn more how Managed Print Services can reduce costs, minimize waste, and help your print environment to run more efficiently.

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