Your printer is a vital component of your business. Ensuring that it works properly keeps your business running efficiently, helps to control costs, and avoids waste. Research reveals that printer bottlenecks can cost you in lost productivity and actual dollars. For example, did you know:

• Employees waste 22 minutes per day on IT issues including printing. That’s potentially 91 hours every year that could be better spent on mission-critical operations.

• 23% of help desk calls are printer-related.

• A single service call from an independent technician can cost anywhere from $40 to $330 – two or three calls a month can compromise your budget.

Your printers require regular maintenance to operate seamlessly. Here is a printer efficiency checklist to help you keep your printers humming, and your productivity high!

• Properly Load Paper – Paper jams can cost you time, but they’re easily avoidable. Before loading paper, fan it to prevent pages from sticking. Buying a good quality paper can also deliver better results and reduce jamming.

• Automate Toner Replacement – Nothing is worse than running out of toner in the middle of a critical project. New printers can let you know when you’re running low and send a request for a replacement before you run out. Automated toner replacement can keep you up and running.

• Implement Print Monitoring – Every document your team prints means a buying decision for your company. Print monitoring helps you understand who is printing, what they’re printing and how much. This can help you to build expense visibility into your print environment to better control costs, and align devices based on actual usage to minimize downtime.

• Turn Devices Off After Hours – If you’re not going to use it, turn it off! Even in sleep mode printers use energy and release heat. Turning devices off at night and on weekends will extend the life of your printer and reduce your energy use too.

• Train Your Team – To get the most from your device, train your team to leverage features and functions. User error is the #1 cause of service calls and an educated user will increase the life span of your device.

Your printer’s efficiency can be maintained by following these simple tips. If you’d like to learn more about printer efficiency contact one of our experienced team members and let us help you get the most out of your print fleet.