Human Resources handles a lot of paperwork every day. From job applications to employee records, and more, HR has a lot to keep track of. Digital document management can reduce the paper load

Recruitment and Onboarding

Recruitment and onboarding are important roles for HR that often involve a lot of paperwork as they collect employee information. With digital document management, this can all be done electronically. Prospective employees can fill out an e-form which is then centrally stored and the process is digitally managed to route to the appropriate parties. Once a candidate accepts the job, they can fill out their forms electronically while a checklist of tasks guides them through the process. From job posting to onboarding, the process can be automated and organized digitally.

Performance Management

Appraisals are an important part of managing employee performance, and it can be digitized to streamline the process. You set the criteria to trigger an appraisal, and once they are met, the employee and manager will be notified to complete the appraisal. Information will flow digitally and be tracked until completion, with the information being stored for easy access in the future.

Employee Separation

When an employee leaves, this, too, can be handled digitally. Much like onboarding, a checklist of required tasks and forms can help ensure everything is done prior to the employee’s departure.

Privacy and Security

With so much personal information being handled and stored, HR is a treasure trove for identity thieves, and can put your company at risk for regulatory compliance issues if strict protocols are not followed. Digital document management can make this process more secure and easier, granting access rights only to those who legitimately should be accessing that information. Because the data is stored digitally, searching for it is a simple task, unlike having to dig through piles of paper, and digital files are much less likely to be lost. With digital document management, your HR department will be ready for an audit to prove compliance whenever the need arises.

HR is a paper-filled department, with records and other documents needing to be filled out and stored. This makes it a perfect candidate for a document management system. Digital document management can transform your HR department, making it more secure and efficient. Call us to learn more!