Today’s office is a digital office, and as such depends on its devices to keep business running. When a printer goes down, projects grind to a halt while you wait for repairs costing you time and money. A Managed Print Services provider can help you understand and manage your print environment to help keep your fleet healthy.

Monitoring Print Volumes

How much do you print each day? Most companies don’t know the true scope of how their printers are used and may be underestimating the burden on these important devices. A Managed Print Services provider carefully tracks your device usage, recording your print volume with a variety of metrics. With this data in hand, you can optimize your print environment to use your printers efficiently.

Consumable Supplies

If you’re ordering print supplies as you need them, you may be wasting money and not even know. Ad-hoc ordering can lead to:

  • Having too many supplies, taking up precious storage space and risking not being able to use supplies before they expire.
  • Supply shortages which jeopardize your workflow.
  • Supply theft, wasting your money.
  • Not understanding your actual print costs.

A Managed Print Services provider, however, can monitor your devices to ship supplies only when you need them. This eliminates shortages and overages, and saves you money.

Repairs and Maintenance

With Managed Print Services you can get preventative maintenance, keeping your printers in top shape. Often problems can be found before the printer needs to be taken offline, so your workflow is not interrupted. Keeping your devices in good shape can help prolong their lifespan and improve your print efficiency.

Even with the best maintenance, sometimes a printer will break down. A Managed Print Services provider can provide expert repair technicians to get you back online quickly. The sooner you can get your printer repaired, the less time and money you will lose.

Every day your printer churns out important documents that keeps your business flowing. Staying on top of your printer fleet with Managed Print Services can help avoid costly breakdowns and make your print environment run smoothly.

Not sure if Managed Print Services is right for your business? Contact us for a no-obligation print assessment and let’s start the discussion!

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