Email is an essential function in business, but it’s also one of your biggest security risks. From phishing scams to unauthorized access, protecting your email can be a challenge. With email being an important part of the regular workday, how can you secure your company? These strategies can help.


The first and most critical step in securing your email is educating your employees about the risks. When your employees know the types of risks that email carries, they can be on the lookout and serve as an important line of defense. Conducting training on how to recognize and respond to phishing attacks is an important way to protect your business.

Phishing attacks can look like a number of different things. Be leery of suspicious-sounding stories, embedded links, and attachments.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Unfortunately, gaining someone’s login credentials isn’t as hard as it should be. However, with multi-factor authentication, you’re adding an extra step, such as a code sent to your phone, which makes it much harder for bad actors to gain access to your email accounts.

Security Software

High-tech attacks deserve high-tech solutions. Email security software can help protect your accounts in a number of ways. Machine learning to detect phishing scams, Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC), message quarantining, and other solutions can help prevent email attacks before they start.

Software Updates

Hackers¬† are always changing their tactics. Your software can only protect you if it’s kept up to date. This means not only your security software, but also your browsers, plug-ins, and operating systems as well. By keeping your software updated, you’re helping to protect your email and your systems.

Risk Assessment

How can you gauge your risk? With a risk assessment, you can find your company’s weakest points, to know where to spend your time and budget. For many companies, email is near the top of the list, making it a critical part of your security plan.

Cybercrimes are a constant threat to any business, and email is a common mode of attack. With email being so critical to conducting business, its essential to take steps such as education, multi-factor authentication, and installing email security software, so you can continue using this valuable tool while decreasing your risk of attack.