How many pages do you print per day? How many of those pages end up in the recycling bin before day’s end? Print is a major expense for most businesses, but too often, the printing being done is unnecessary – and the cost of those unneeded prints can really add up. These tips can help you reduce your printing costs.

Print Less

This may seem obvious, but the less you print, the more money you will save. But how can you accomplish that? First off, be mindful of the prints you’re making. Do you need to print this item, or will an email suffice?  Have you checked the print preview before printing to be sure everything is the way you want it to be?

Many companies have turned to the cloud to reduce their use of print. By converting to digital documents stored in the cloud, you can make your documents accessible to employees without ever having to print a single page. With today’s multifunction printers, going digital is easier than ever, making it truly possible to reduce the number of prints you make.

Print Smarter

For most companies, print is a necessary part of doing business. Even so, there are ways to print smarter and reduce your costs. Consider these ideas:

  • Print double-sided to use less paper.
  • Print in black and white vs. color to save on toner.
  • Use lower resolution or draft-mode printing for in-office documents that don’t need to be high quality.
  • Use fonts that use less toner, such as Times New Roman instead of Arial.

Changing your defaults to these settings can add up to significant savings over time.

Invest in a More Efficient Printer

Consider upgrading to a printer with energy saving settings, which can also save you money. Printers that make it easier to integrate digital documents into your workflow, and default to paper-saving settings can make it easier than ever to reduce your print costs.

Print can eat up as much as 15% of a small business’s IT budget. Finding ways to reduce your printing, reduce paper and toner use, and be more energy efficient can all have a big effect on your print spending – and your profit margin. Want to learn more? Give us a call and ask us about our print solutions for businesses just like yours!

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