Running your own business, or managing your team requires delegation. The fact is, growing a business and doing everything yourself is impossible. Delegating can be difficult to master, but it’s the one talent that will make a huge difference in your career and your business.

Here are three reasons to delegate, and three steps to successfully delegate tasks to your team.

Why You Need to Delegate

While you may have loved doing certain tasks as you built your business, the fact is, as your business grows your focus needs to shift from day-to-day tasks to the big picture. Delegating gives your team the chance to show you what they’ve got! Here are three reasons to delegate:

  1. Your First Priority is Developing People – As a business owner or manager, your primary job is developing your team. Work towards bringing out their best by helping them develop areas where they may be lacking. Be sure to listen to their feedback and questions.
  2. You’ve Just Got Too Much on Your Plate – Delegating removes day-to-day tasks from your to-do list, and makes sure they still get done as you focus on the big picture. Check in periodically to make sure projects remain on track.
  3. Delegation Fosters Collaboration – Big projects are usually divided among employees. For it to work, your entire team must work together towards a common goal. Ensure every team member knows their role and the goal they’re all working towards.

Effective Delegation

Like any skill, delegation can be learned. The key is understanding the process. Here are three steps to effective delegation.

  1. Prepare – The result is only as good as the plan! Make sure you think-out and prepare a plan for whatever task you’re delegating.
  2. Assign – Once you’ve put a plan in place, convey the information to your team clearly and concisely. Include information on timing, budget and context. Set expectations for communication including frequency of meetings.
  3. Hold the Team Accountable – Two-way communication is important. Make sure your team understands the task at hand and hold them accountable for meeting deadlines and goals.

Delegation is a valuable skill. Mastering effective delegation skills will change how your business operates and help you grow. Like any skill, the more your practice delegation, the more comfortable you’ll be with the process.