As your work stacks up and the clock ticks towards the end of the day, it may feel like you’re not making any progress. Many workers find it hard to work productively, causing the need for overtime, increased stress and decreased performance. With a few tweaks, you can turn this around, making the most out of your workday.

Be More Productive

1. Stop Multitasking. Even though it feels like you’re getting more done, multitasking is actually hurting your efficiency. Pick one task to focus on at a time, and complete that before moving on.

2. Turn off Notifications. In today’s world, smartphones have people responding to every ding and chime signaling email, texts and voicemail. Turn off these chimes and lights on your phone and your computer to help eliminate this distraction.

3. Schedule Time to Email. Not only are notifications distracting in and of themselves, once you open your email you may find yourself completely taken away from what you were doing. Schedule time within your day to attend to email, and try to avoid checking it between these times.

4. Let Technology Work for You. Speaking of email, dealing with your inbox can be a significant time waster. Most email programs allow you to set filters that will automatically sort your email into folders based on sender, subject or priority. This way, when you go to check your email, you can focus on the most important topics and save the rest for later.

5. Take Breaks. Breaks are beneficial to your body and your brain, allowing you to return to your work clear-headed. Schedule breaks throughout the day, and use this time to stretch, take a walk, meditate, or otherwise clear your mind. You’ll be more productive afterwards.

6. Minimize Meetings. Meetings – especially those that take you out of the office – can eat up a large portion of your workday. While some meetings are necessary, most times you can more effectively solve the issues with email or a phone call. Try to schedule in-person meetings only when necessary, and aim for a time of day that won’t disrupt the flow of your work.

With a limited amount of time in the day and so much work to be done, it’s essential to work more productively. Making a few simple changes to your routine can dramatically impact your productivity, with benefits for you and your company.