Do you know how much print and document management costs your business each year? If the answer is no, chances are you’re paying too much. While considered a necessary part of doing business, printing costs can be significantly reduced once inefficiencies have been addressed—but the key to your success lies in identifying the warning signs that something is amiss, including the following.

  1. You own several inexpensive printers. Inexpensive print equipment bought from office supply stores may seem like a bargain with their low initial purchase price, but savings are quickly negated through the inability to track usage or print costs, and expensive print supplies.
  2. Print jobs are left in output trays. Unclaimed or forgotten print jobs, or original copies left on the glass can be lost, damaged, or stolen posing a serious threat to data security. A Managed Print Services provider can help by implementing a user authentication system. In addition to eliminating the risk of your information falling in to the wrong hands, it will save you money on wasted paper and toner.
  3. IT personnel are fielding printer repair calls. Small to medium-sized businesses often rely on their IT team to maintain their print fleet when these valuable resources could be put to better use. In addition to outsourcing this task, a streamlined print environment with equipment from a trusted manufacturer can help alleviate the stress placed upon IT personnel.
  4. Several people are purchasing printer supplies. In an environment where there is no central purchasing system in place and printers and supplies are bought by individuals as needed, costs can quickly escalate beyond your control. Savings can be had with consolidated purchasing of toner, paper, and other consumables helping to regain control over usage and inventory.
  5. Everything is being printed in color. Color printing is more expensive than black and white, and should be reserved for departments where color will make the biggest impact such as sales or marketing.

How Managed Print Services Can Help 

A Managed Print Services provider can help you make the most of your print infrastructure, while helping you save as much as 30 percent on document management and print costs through increased efficiency. Contact us today and find out if Managed Print Services is right for your business.