A secure network is critical to protecting your business today. However, many companies overlook a key component: the printer. Hackers know the printer is often the weakest point and use it as an entryway to your network, stealing data, initiating DDoS attacks, and crippling your business.

These tips can help secure your printer and your network.

  1. Turn it Off – What type of printing do you really do on your printer? Do you need it connected to the internet? Disabling WiFi and remote printing if you don’t need them can help reduce your risk of being hacked. Also, remember to turn your printer physically off when it’s not in use (such as nights and weekends).
  1. Secure Your Ports – By default, your printer will have many ports open, but how many will you actually use? Most users only use the standard secure protocol, making the others an unnecessary risk. Unless you’re using them, use your router’s owner’s manual to shut off ports such as:
  • AppleTalk
  • Telnet
  • FTP
  • SNMP
  • Ports 515, 721-731, 9100
  • IPP on port 631
  • SMB
  1. Keep Your Printer Updated – As security holes are discovered, printer manufacturers put out patches and firmware upgrades to protect you – but they only work if you install them. Be sure to regularly check for updates to help keep your printers safe.
  1. Use a Firewall – A firewall is an important security feature that helps keep hackers out. Windows has one built-in, but you may want a more specialized one to help keep your business secure. Make sure your firewall is always enabled to protect your printer.
  1. Use Strong Passwords – If you never changed your printer’s password from the default, hacking your printer is a trivial matter. Be sure to change the password to something strong and unique. Consider requiring users to login in order to use the printer, to help prevent unauthorized access.

Keeping your printer secure helps keep your network secure. By turning off unnecessary features, using a firewall, upgrading your software, and using strong passwords, you can have a more secure printer and network. Contact us to learn more!