With increased environmental awareness and enhanced technology, comes the movement towards a paperless office environment. Whether you have already reduced your reliance on paper or you are looking to get started, we can help, with a list of five great reasons to digitize your documents today!

1) Reduce Expenses

Hardcopy documents cost time and money to create, manage, and store. The time and energy your employees spend on printing, filing, sharing, and searching for documents can be better utilized in other areas of your business, and if a document is lost, damaged, or stolen, the cost of recreating it is even higher. Consumables and office equipment including printers, ink, toner, filing cabinetry, shelving, and offsite storage add to the list of expenses that can be reduced or eliminated by digitizing your hardcopy documents and storing them securely in the cloud.

2) Save Time

Nearly 20 percent of business time is wasted each day by employees searching for the information they need to effectively do their jobs. Digitization enhances document workflow and efficiency with secure, fast, and easy document sharing and retrieval with the click of a button any time, from anywhere there is internet access. With less time spent standing at the copier or searching through file cabinets, employees can put more effort towards growing your business, and faster client response times will enhance your reputation and profitability.

3) Lower Your Carbon Footprint

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year, nearly half of which winds up in the recycle bin or wastebasket. By digitizing your hardcopy documents you can significantly reduce or eliminate paper usage within your organization, and lower your carbon footprint even further by having less paper to transport.

4) Meet Regulatory Standards 

If your industry requires you to meet certain regulatory standards for compliance, digitization can provide enhanced security measures for sensitive information. Hardcopy documents are at risk for theft, loss, or damage, while digital documents are backed up electronically and can be stored behind layers of security.

5) Increase Your Square Footage 

Filing cabinets, shelving, and boxes can take up valuable square footage that can be better used to house inventory or additional personnel. Digitization reduces the need to store documents within your office, increasing your usable square footage and making the most efficient use of your space.

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