When you’re running a business it can often seem like all you do is spend money, taking away from your bottom line. So when an opportunity comes along to save money and boost productivity, it may seem too good to be true. But with smarter document management you can do just that, and it can be easy to implement, as well.

  1. Do a print analysis. Print can be one of the biggest expenses for businesses, right behind rent and payroll, and it can also be a big area of waste. A print analysis done by a Managed Print Service provider can give you valuable insights into your print habits. With this information you can pinpoint outdated equipment that is costing you more than its worth and identify wasteful print practices. An MPS provider can save you as much as 30% on your print costs by helping you optimize your print environment and document management systems.
  2. Print smarter. Color printing is expensive. By changing your printer defaults from color to black and white, you can automatically save money with every printed document. Double-sided printing by default is another way to reduce your expenses. Pull-printing, i.e. printing a document only when the employee is at the printer to take it, reduces wasteful printing as well.
  3. Digitize. Using digital documents is both less expensive and more efficient. Documents can be indexed for simple searching, and stored on-site or in the cloud for easy access anywhere. With digital documents, you’ll reduce your storage space needs and minimize the risk of lost documents. Digital documents can also enhance your security, saving you money in the long run.
  4. Use the cloud. Cloud computing allows you to store your documents and applications in the cloud so they can be accessed via an Internet connection. This flexibility reduces your reliance on print, while allowing collaboration to take place at geographically distant places. Employees can work in the office or remotely seamlessly, keeping efficiency and productivity rates up – along with your bottom line.

It’s not always easy to save money, but improving your document management is a great place to start. Today’s digital technology can transform the way you do business and cut out a significant amount of print spending. With printing being the third largest cost for many businesses, cutting this expense can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

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