Sales meetings are important, but many will admit they find them unproductive and well….boring. Rather than talk about the same old topics, these sales meetings ideas can help you engage your team and polish their skills at the same time!

  1. Review the Competition – Part of sales is knowing your competition – but too often this falls by the wayside. For your next meeting, have each member of your team research a competitor and do a brief presentation on what they’ve found. They should look at their website, social media, customer reviews, and current promotions through the eyes of a consumer to see where your company may be falling short.
  1. Prospecting – Gathering new business is an important skill to hone, so help your team by having a prospecting meeting. Present them with a fictitious account – tailor the industry, size, needs, and other aspects to be a business your company would be excited to attract. Have each member of your team send you an email and voicemail trying to win the business. Review these at the meeting to see how each member approaches a potential new client.
  1. Demos – Do your salespeople have to demo your products to potential customers?  Pick a product and have them do a demonstration for the team. Note how they interact with you (as the client), if they ask appropriate questions, and how long the presentation takes. Provide feedback to help your team fine tune their demonstration skills.
  1. Objections – Every salesperson knows that how they deal with common objections can make or break the sale. At your sales meeting, present each team member with a different objection and ask them how they would respond. By practicing in the context of a meeting, your team can learn from each other how to handle these common problems.

If your sales meetings are starting to feel a little stale, it may be time to liven them up with some new, more engaging ideas. These four sales meetings topics can get the conversations flowing and help your team improve their skills by learning from one another.