When you think of managed print, you may think of a large corporation needing to outsource their print management due to the complexity of their systems. While this can be true, Managed Print is a beneficial service even to small businesses. Managed Print Services can help SMBs in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Reduced and Predictable Expenses – Print is one of the largest expenses a business faces, and the costs can vary from month to month, making it hard to budget for. A Managed Print provider uses a variety of techniques, including consolidating and upgrading your printer fleet, reducing waste, and “just in time” supply delivery to help reduce your print costs. Many businesses can see as much as a 30% reduction in print-related expenses. At the same time, an MPS provider can make your expenses more predictable. A consistent monthly rate covers monitoring, routine maintenance, supplies, and in some cases even repairs. By consolidating your expenses, you can more easily track and budget your print costs, helping you plan for the future.
  1. Less Waste – MPS can help reduce print waste – from paper and supplies to time and money. An MPS provider will help you find ways to optimize your workflows, printing only what’s necessary, when it’s needed. By reducing how much you’re printing, you’re reducing your costs and your carbon footprint. Managed Print also helps reduce downtime. Whenever your printers go down, so does your office productivity. By staying on top of maintenance tasks and having 24/7 help desk support, your printers will run better with less downtime, which translates to less wasted time for your business.
  1. Increased Security – Cyber crimes are a problem for every business, and hackers know SMBs often don’t have strong protection in place. MPS can help with your printer security, which protects your entire network of devices. Using techniques such as two-factor authentication, pull-printing, and content management, your data will be more secure than ever.

Managed Print provides many benefits to businesses of all sizes. SMBs can enjoy increased security, less waste, and reduced costs by partnering with a Managed Print provider.