Can paper affect the performance of your office printer or digital copier?

Many customers ask us if the quality of the paper that they buy can impact the performance of their digital copier or office laser printer.

The answer that we provide to them is “yes” absolutely! We also share with them that there are some additional variables that can have a significant impact on how a system runs and that is how the paper is being stored?

Moisture, heat and humidity can all play a part in affecting the paper before it is loaded in to a machine. As I’m sure you can appreciate bad quality paper can lead to jamming, end user frustration and system downtime.

Below is a chronological timeline of paper that has been opened and removed from its packaging, and the impact that moisture and humidity can have on it.

 tds paper


Here are some questions that you may want to consider when it comes to how the office equipment paper is stored in your office.

  • Where is your paper being stored?
  • Is it close to an air conditioner, humidifier, or heater?
  • Is the paper in a dry location?
  • Is the paper out of its packaging?


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