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Work Efficiently Anywhere with Mobile Printing

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Feb 07, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

Work Efficiently Anywhere with Mobile Printing

The evolution of printing began in 3,000 BC, and since then, dozens of types and styles have been developed to meet the needs and demands of the current marketplace. In today’s world of BYOD (bring your own device), printing has evolved in a whole new direction to accommodate those who want or need to print while on the go, without being tied to a desk or a printer. Read on to find out more about mobile print, and how it’s changing the face of printing and productivity today.

The BYOD Trend

There was once a time when all technology from pagers to cellular phones were managed by IT personnel, but the trend has since shifted towards employees using their own preferred devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, to share data both inside and outside the office environment.

What Is Mobile Print?

Until very recently, the printing of documents or images could only be achieved with a direct link between a computer and a printer. This means employees would need to be physically in the office environment to perform this task, and for those who take their business on the road, the additional miles and time logged can add up quickly. Thanks to the development of mobile print technology, anyone with an email-enabled device is free to print at the time and location that is most convenient to them.

Key Features

Ease of Use: With no software to download, users can take advantage of mobile print from any email-enabled device with just three easy steps:

1) Send the print job via email.
2) Open the confirmation email received.
3) Choose the location you wish to print, and upon arrival, select Mobile Print from the MFP’s print menu, input the security code received in the confirmation email and hit print.   

Convenience: Whether users are out of town or simply between office locations, they are able to access mobile print.

Security: Rather than entrusting a third party to handle documents, allowing access to sensitive information, mobile printing allows the user to be hands on, eliminating the risk completely. The secure confirmation code is unique to the user and can be reset on demand if needed.


Controlled costs: Print costs and usage are hard to control in most work environments, with multiple users and machines. Mobile print allows each organization to see exactly where the money is being spent, and make adjustments accordingly.

Reduced carbon footprint: Less travel time, vehicle emissions and paper usage can be realized through a more controlled approach to printing.

Flexibility: All of the following file formats are supported by this technology:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel
  • PDF files
  • Text and rich text
  • JPEG’s
  • HTML email


Mobile print technology is not without risks; because of the prevalence of employee owned devices, the risk of malware, a breach in security or financial exposure exists. Employees must be educated on the risks and the solutions to protect the integrity of the organization.

Printing solutions have done well in the past to keep up with the demand from consumers. With the recent trend in mobile devices among the workforce, developing the software that enables those out in field to print from where and when they desire frees employees from being tied to a desk or an office, and allows them the freedom to take their business on the road.

Mobile print has the capacity to increase productivity, profits and security, by allowing employees to use their own email enabled devices to take control of printing tasks and put their time towards helping your business succeed.

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