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Medical Practices and BYOD Safety Measures

Posted by Tim Stanley on Tue, Feb 16, 2016 @ 12:13 PM

Medical Practice BYOD Safety Measures, Total Document Solutions, Fayetteville, AR

When physicians enter an exam room, it is frequently with a tablet or phone in hand. Through technological advancements, these personal devices allow physicians instant access to patient history, drug interaction databases and specialist reports, improving patient care both in the office and out. However, without a security policy in place, sensitive and confidential patient information could be put at risk.

A Security Hazard

Many medical offices are permitting physicians and medical personnel to access sensitive patient information on their personal devices. While this is convenient, if not properly protected, these devices can be hacked, exposing sensitive patient information. Some common risk points include a lack of password protection, not installing or using anti-malware software and accessing unsecured Wi-Fi networks. In addition, without proper security measures in place, the office could be found in violation of HIPPA and HITECH regulations and subject to fines.  

The Solution

Taking some simple steps to improve security can have a large impact on patient privacy. As part of your BYOD security policy, you should consider the following regulations:

  • All devices should be protected with a strong password that is changed regularly.
  • Personal devices should be scanned for malware prior to accessing the private network and patient information.
  • Personal devices should have anti-malware scanning software installed to help prevent hacking when on unsecured networks.
  • Use of tracking software that can delete private information if the device is reported lost or stolen.

Personal devices can help improve patient care, and with proper security measures in place, physicians and patients can safely enjoy the benefits of the medical technologies available today.


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Change Your Business for the Better with Color Printing!

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Jan 07, 2016 @ 01:54 PM


Running a business today means working to find ways to get things done better and faster. Cost cutting, increasing employee productivity, positioning your product and communicating your message takes time and effort. 

Color printing can change your business and transform your marketing while positively impacting your company’s bottom line.

Facts About Color Printing

Studies have shown that businesses can achieve measurable results simply by printing business documents in color. Color can increase a reader’s interest in your message, reinforce your brand, and enhance information retention.

Here are some other benefits to color printing:

            • Increases readership by 80%

            • Make your message 39% more memorable

            • Printing your phone number in color increases phone contact by 44%

            • Increase direct mail open and read rates by 55%

            • Help readers locate key information 70% faster

            • Increase payment response up to 30%

            • Increase sales, motivation and brand recognition by 80%

Color printing motivates customers, has a positive impact on employee morale and productivity and can change your business for the better!

Are You Using Color Printing?

The fact is, most business owners don’t realize that color printing can be affordable. They view color print as a luxury.

Xerox is bringing affordable color printing to businesses like yours with machines like the WorkCentre 6505.  The 6505 will help you ramp up your color output without disrupting your day-to-day workflows and processes. The 6505 makes it possible to bring outsourced printing back home to save you money and give you better control over your marketing materials and production pieces.

Contact us today and we'll show you how color printing can transform your business.

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What Business School Doesn’t Teach You: Developing a Customer Base Outside of the Standard Sale

Posted by Tim Stanley on Wed, Mar 04, 2015 @ 09:41 AM

customer relationsMy company sells hundreds of copiers every year. You’d be amazed at what our products can do. But today’s customer has so many ways to purchase those same machines, including directly from the manufacturer via the Internet.

Which means we have to do so much more than sell products. We have to sell our commitment to the community, and we have to market the care and compassion a faceless website cannot. How we handle our non-core business offerings makes the difference. Think about calling a customer service hotline, and growing frustrated while dealing with one automated response system after another. We can sell the kind of service that shows up at your door and shakes your hand because that’s far more pleasant than a robot.

Developing your non-core business takes time and planning. Here’s how I suggest you start:

Be a Human

I have this guiding principle I call the ‘grocery store rule.’It’s something I apply to every client or potential client I work with. If I see someone in the grocery store aisle, I should feel confident in going up and shaking his/her hand. I should never feel like I’ve cut a rotten deal and have to avoid him/her outside the walls of our offices. Always, as I make deals and work with clients, I stay accountable. You can always shake my hand. I often refer to myself as the “White Shrek.” I’m big, but I’m not scary.

Create Social Capital

I wish I had come up with the term social capital. I didn’t. I came up with the ‘grocery store rule’ instead. But they work together in so many ways. You’ve got to take care of people, and that matters internally and externally. Even a simple thank you card goes a long way. Forbes magazine took notice of social capital recently. Potential clients can research prices and product details online as per their article called “Social Capital Is Path to Social Selling”. That invites competition. Making real connections with real people is critical in that kind of market. Make it so they remember you.

Give Them Extras

We must provide things a website can’t deliver, or wouldn’t think to deliver. My company fleet consists of 14 Toyota vehicles. Once a year, I buy pizza for the service guys at the local Toyota dealership. I don’t anticipate any extras, and they don’t cut me a special deal. But maybe on a day they’re rushed, they’ll remember me and make sure the lug nuts are tight. I have the same approach with service calls. My clients know they can order a delivery of donuts from us when we visit. Not just any donuts, but donuts with our company logo on them. They look pretty funny if you don’t know the name of our company, but they work for us.

Admit Your Mistakes

Because I am part of the community, and because I do see clients in the grocery store, I have to be honest. Many sales team members at the offices of my competitors won’t be around in 18 months, but I will. And it means I may have to humble myself in front of a customer if I’m in the wrong. I’ve missed sending out a bid before. I don’t make excuses. When I screw up, I go and ask for forgiveness.

Create Partner Businesses

Forging the kind of friendships that yield long-term business opportunities takes time, but it reaps rewards. When I’m presented with an opportunity for a contract outside of the company’s skill set, we often pass them along to friends in the community better equipped to handle the task. I hope in return they’ll pass some back my way. Again, we don’t cut each other specific deals. It works when we all agree not to oversell, and keep things balanced.

Have Staying Power

For some, businesses are a transient enterprise. But we want staying power, and we find that’s an advantage. Creating long-term deals and partnerships means we can always be looking for new clients while keeping our current contacts happy. But once we get a client on the roster, we aim to make them stay. There’s a big difference between selling a machine and making a customer. We always want customers.

Remember the Basic Sales Rules

The extras go a long way into creating the social capital that generates business outside the core. But the sales basics remain. Just like you can gain momentum with a client by showing them extra care, you can lose them with rudeness or inattention. Here are some basic tips:

DON’T GET EMOTIONAL: If a deal is not struck, there may be other factors at play.

DON’T FEEL REJECTED: The bid might have gone to a cousin. It’s hard to overcome some factors.

KNOW THAT FEELINGS CHANGE: If you build a relationship, a ‘no’ may later turn to a ‘yes’ when your contact realizes their original deal wasn’t as sweet as they thought.

BE ACCOUNTABLE: If you make a promise, come through on it.

BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY: Tip well. Civic organizations can help, and be nice to the people you see, like in the grocery store.

To view the original article in InBiz Northwest Arkansas, click here.


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Who Pays to Remove the Old Copier From Your Office – Is It You???

Posted by Tim Stanley on Fri, Nov 15, 2013 @ 01:53 PM

TDS copier removal

When the time comes to finally replace your copier with a multifunction printer (MFP) or another device, many business owners or managers are happy to see the old machine go.  But before the copier leaves your building you should be aware of the costs that can be incurred for copier removal.

Typical copier lease agreements have a three to five year term.  In the agreement there are typically stipulations outlining the removal of the copier when the lease expires or if the copier is to be removed before the term of the lease is completed.  Hefty fees can be involved in these cases.

As with any lease agreement business owners and managers should carefully review the entire lease before signing.  Far too many times, however, the copier removal fees happen by surprise because that portion of the lease was overlooked or misinterpreted.

Copier leases can have two different options available.  The first is for the business to completely manage and pay for preparation, transport and shipping expenses for the copier removal.  The second option is for the business to have the copier company handle all of the preparation and transportation expenses.  Both situations can be quite costly for the business.

Copiers are not easily transported because they are heavy and contain toner or ink that must be carefully moved.  Copiers are delicate devices that can be broken if not properly protected during the removal process.

Thoroughly reviewing your copier lease is the best way to avoid the surprise copier removal fees.  Xerox takes pride in having an end of lease program that is business-friendly and can protect you from unanticipated expenses.

green printing

Click here for your free e-book on how to make your office more environmentally friendly!

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Demo the Latest Digital Press Technology: TDS Clear Toner Challenge

Posted by Tim Stanley on Mon, May 21, 2012 @ 08:58 AM

TDS BlogHeaderSince 2010 Xerox has been making the corporate space jealous of commercial printers with their Xerox Color 800 and 1000 Digital Presses. Now Xerox has once again upped the ante. The incredible speed, of up to 100 A4 pages a minute, coupled with the color enhancements from the company's patented Automated Color Quality Suite, make the 800 and 1000 Digital Presses fierce contenders. The clear coating they offer make them untouchable.

“I'm VERY impressed. They have what I consider to be the most significant capability which is the clear coating they put down on the sheet,” says Frank Romano, professor emeritus at the Rochester Institute of Technology. “That coating capability and all the other specs combined make those machines amazing products for the printing industry”. 

Regular commercial users are undoubtedly jealous of the presses ability to churn out professional-quality jobs quickly, as the presses' technology is unfortunately reserved for commercial printers mass producing flyers, newsletters, brochures and variable data documents. Jealousy would also likely stem from the machines' incredibly accurate color and image quality. Their color quality is thanks to the machines' Automated Color Quality Suite (ACQS)--a set of color management software tools for the inline spectrophotometer that automate tasks that were previously manual—and time consuming-- making large color jobs easier AND faster.

The machines can even produce full-color books and photobooks thanks to the inline perfect binder. “I think the 800 and 1000 could become the defacto standard for photobooks because of the quality of what it is outputting and the ability to have clear coating,” endorses Romano. 

There are five specific new technologies added to the 800 and 1000 presses that have given them unsurpassed image quality, faster speeds and higher reliability that Xerox's commercial presses have become known for:

1. Clear Emulsion Aggregation Toner: a new formula of transparent dry ink made of Xerox's ultra low melt formula. The clear EA toner was designed by Xerox's Canadian research center to pop-off the page visually, to add emphasis to headlines, photos, watermarks, logos and images.

2. Long-Life Photoreceptor: the new protective coating Xerox has used on the photoreceptor lasts twice as long, improving the shelf life of the light-sensitive photoreceptors.

3. Seamless Intermediate Belt Transfer (IBT) System: this new belt system allows for a fifth clear toner station and makes jobs simpler for operators to setup, even with varied sized media.

4. Belt Roller Fuser (BRF): like the long-life receptor the new fuser is engineered to last twice as long. It also transfers heat more efficiently and deliver more-stable image quality.

5. Inline Belt Cooling: Xerox researchers solved the cooling issues created from high-speed presses with their new inline belt cooling system that lowers paper temperature for faster printing with better image quality output.  

The new functions of the 800/1000 Digital Presses were true feats of engineering, solving many of the endemic commercial printing press problems. “With paper moving at these speeds, there are countless engineering challenges along the way,” says David Mueller, Engineering Manager for the new presses. “The technologies we developed, especially the new fuser and clear toner, really push the envelope in terms of how these presses perform.”

The Xerox 800 and 1000 Digital Presses are still relatively new to the game but could become  a sort of industry standard for the commercial printing industry. As Romano said, “I would recommend this product to any commercial printer”.

If you are a commercial printer, quick print shop, in plant print shop or a marketing agency, the Xerox 1000 digital press is definately worth investigating.

Take the TDS Clear Challenge today!: Book your demo and run one of your print jobs on us!

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