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Medical Practices and BYOD Safety Measures

Posted by Tim Stanley on Tue, Feb 16, 2016 @ 12:13 PM

Medical Practice BYOD Safety Measures, Total Document Solutions, Fayetteville, AR

When physicians enter an exam room, it is frequently with a tablet or phone in hand. Through technological advancements, these personal devices allow physicians instant access to patient history, drug interaction databases and specialist reports, improving patient care both in the office and out. However, without a security policy in place, sensitive and confidential patient information could be put at risk.

A Security Hazard

Many medical offices are permitting physicians and medical personnel to access sensitive patient information on their personal devices. While this is convenient, if not properly protected, these devices can be hacked, exposing sensitive patient information. Some common risk points include a lack of password protection, not installing or using anti-malware software and accessing unsecured Wi-Fi networks. In addition, without proper security measures in place, the office could be found in violation of HIPPA and HITECH regulations and subject to fines.  

The Solution

Taking some simple steps to improve security can have a large impact on patient privacy. As part of your BYOD security policy, you should consider the following regulations:

  • All devices should be protected with a strong password that is changed regularly.
  • Personal devices should be scanned for malware prior to accessing the private network and patient information.
  • Personal devices should have anti-malware scanning software installed to help prevent hacking when on unsecured networks.
  • Use of tracking software that can delete private information if the device is reported lost or stolen.

Personal devices can help improve patient care, and with proper security measures in place, physicians and patients can safely enjoy the benefits of the medical technologies available today.


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The Hottest Trends in Technology for 2016 and Beyond

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 @ 11:12 AM

tech trends (1)

For the year 2016 and beyond you can expect to see some exciting innovations that will help us to stay connected and make better use of these connections. Here are some of latest technologies identified by Gartner, a leading technololgy research company, that will be in the forefront this coming year:

  • Security – Regardless of the size of business, there is a real threat of identity theft, malware, virus or hacker attacks. New security techniques will be more adaptive in order to block potential attacks with sophisticated algorithms that are difficult to break.
  • Device Mesh – The proliferation of connected devices is not expected to slow down. Today we see desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones connected. We also see wristbands and special sensors that can help to detect specific events such as heart rate or movement. Picture getting an alert when someone comes to the door of your house, or receiving a notification if your heart rate reaches a certain level.
  • Storage – With all of the data gathered by interconnected devices there will be a tremendous need to store and analyze the data. New field programmable gate arrays, or FPGAs, will allow super-speed gathering and storage of data using energy efficient architectures.

These trends are just the beginning of a vast connectivity revolution that will help people and businesses across the world have better access to information and improve their productivity.

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Finding Balance Between Millennials and Technology in the Workplace

Posted by Tim Stanley on Fri, Oct 23, 2015 @ 02:41 PM

millennials (3)

Technological advancements have impacted the workplace in a profound way, changing the way people work and do business. As far as the Millennial generation is concerned however, it's business as usual.

Growing up surrounded by the latest high tech gadgets may have taught them to expect the next greatest innovation, but does that mean they're at an advantage over other generations?

Read on to learn more about how this relationship can affect your business, and how to leverage it to help every generation to succeed. 


  • Cutting edge communicationMillennials consider email a thing of the past. They are experts at communicating through social media and are completely comfortable using cloud technology.
  • Energy efficiencyMillennials may appear as lacking the same work ethic as generations before them. In truth, Millennials are typically more efficient and have the ability to easily learn new platforms and adapt more easily to change. 
  • Location isn't as important as you thought - Millennials know that it's not necessary to be face-to-face in order to communicate or collaborate, allowing your team the freedom to work in or out of the office with ease. 


  • Security issues - These days everyone's life seems to be an open book, complete with status updates. Problems can arise when confidential company information is included. 
  • A juggling act - Technology has made doing many tasks easier, and Millennials have grown accustomed to performing more than one task at a time. Focusing on one project at a time, however, is often most efficient and effective. 

Steps To Success

  • Teachable moments - Young and old can learn from each other in the workplace: Millennials can help older generations to understand the finer points of technology, while they can teach the younger set the value of interpersonal skills. 
  • Increased security Implementing and enforcing a strict set of rules and policies is the best way to ensure your information remains secure
  • Get personal - Stress the importance of one-on-one communication, encouraging employees to lessen their reliance on technology periodically. 

Implementing a few simple rules can help maintain the balance between Millennials and workplace technology, creating a more harmonious work environment for every generation. 

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Technology Trends for 2015 and Beyond

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Jan 08, 2015 @ 12:29 PM

technology trends for 2015 and beyondThis is the time of year we reflect on our past business successes and look ahead to the trends that will shape the business world in 2015. IT research and advisory group Gartner, Inc. has recently released their annual list of the top technology trends to watch in the coming year.  The list examines some of the top trends that will shape our industry moving forward. While some old standbys like the continued growth of the cloud are on the list, this year features some exciting new changes on the horizon. Here’s a look at some of the top technology trends to watch out for in the coming new year.

1.  Mobile Growth Continues

Mobile use will continue to grow in the coming years as more devices come online. Gartner predicts an increased use of mobile devices that will boost the need for servicing the mobile user in a variety of contexts and environments, including the ability to support printing!

2.  The Internet of “Things”

With ever increasing complex data streams and the digitization of everything from audio files to movies to online teleconferencing the Internet of things is the latest emerging trend to watch. Four basic usage models have emerged – Manage, Monetize, Operate and Extend.

3.  Social Media Continues to Drive Business

Content is still king. Social media use has continued to expand in the past several years and it has changed the way we communicate, share information and conduct business. This trend will continue as new platforms emerge and older models evolve.

4.  Cloud/Client Computing

Mobile use is growing and as a result so is cloud computing. This growth is expected to accelerate in the coming years and continue to result in the growth of centrally coordinated applications deliverable across device platforms. Managing and controlling print will become critical in the cloud environment.

Your business growth in the coming years is going to rely on your company’s ability to adapt to the technological changes on the horizon. Getting ahead of the curve is your best opportunity for continued business growth in 2015 and beyond.

We can provide you with the information and insight needed to help grow your business and improve bottom line results - contact us today for more information.

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