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How “Sustainable” is the Office Printing in Your Company?

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Jan 16, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

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Many businesses now realize the importance of sustainability and how it can benefit a company from a reputation and community standpoint as well as reducing overall corporate expenses.

To promote sustainability in the workplace many companies have implemented a variety of environmentally friendly policies as well as instigated cost saving measures.  This is often received very well by employees and the community at large.  The company can benefit from being recognized as a good corporate citizen while also seeing expenses reduced.

For print sustainability the Xerox ConnectKey solution provides substantial opportunities to “go green” while also saving on print operating expenses.  An additional benefit with the Xerox ConnectKey solution is improved office efficiency and productivity along with better security options.              

The following are some of the print sustainability solutions offered through the Xerox ConnectKey series:

•Monitors for printing utilize the Cisco EnergyWise technology to reduce energy consumption

•Recommended Earth Smart printing rules are available as a standard including duplexing, no banners, and a green meter that measures your level of environmental impact

•Better ink options using solid ink for ColorQube requires less packaging while also providing as much as 90% less waste than the traditional toner products

•LED printing technology is more efficient than typical Xenon lamps and uses up to 1/3 less power

•ConnectKey printers are Energy Star compliant so your company can realize overall energy savings when compared to other printers

Xerox offers a comprehensive Environmental Asset Recovery Program (EARP) so that used printing supplies such as toner, ink cartridges, and other components can be easily returned to be remanufactured and recycled.  This provides a reduced carbon footprint for print supplies.  Reporting will provide information on your participation in the program and leveraging the Xerox Canada Eco Box you can easily send print supply items in bulk to be recycled or remanufactured.

In addition to the sustainability advantages of Xerox ConnectKey companies can also realize more efficient printing capabilities such as automatically routing print jobs to the nearest available printer, utilizing the most efficient printer based on the type of print job, and greater security features to make sure the print jobs do not fall into the wrong hands.

Today’s businesses need to not only focus on saving money but also on environmental awareness and ways to implement sustainability policies.  The Xerox ConnectKey family of solutions offers businesses a tremendous amount of flexibility and cost savings while also helping corporate environmental programs to take root and flourish.

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