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How Xerox and McAfee are Protecting Your Internal Documents

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Jun 13, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

How Xerox and McAfee are Protecting Your Internal Documents

For most businesses that are beginning to utilize Bring Your Own Device policies for their staff as well as integrate mobile or wireless printing machines into their office, security is a very big focal point that needs to be addressed. This is because security breaches and having your private data is very real threat that can happen if you don't properly use security features on all of these advanced devices and hardware. Thankfully, the Xerox line of ConnectKey business multifunction printers (MFPs) comes fully stocked with security features to make all of your data completely safe.

What kind of security measures can you expect with ConnectKey? Are they easy to implement and integrate into your own office? And will it really protect all of your information? All of these questions and more can be answered by simply reading on about the powerful security that comes pre-installed on all ConnectKey machines.

McAfee Protection
Did you know all ConnectKey multifunction printers come with McAfee software already installed and ready to go? That means you don't have to worry about trying to include firewalls and other protection as soon as you get your machine installed and powered on. However, McAfee has worked with Xerox to make specially made software that comes with a ConnectKey MFP, allowing for you to have complete control of what your machine can install, what kinds of jobs it can do, and so much more.

This means that McAfee will allow you to whitelist certain pre-approved apps and files, protect you from any outside threats, and help you lessen the need to manually update your MFP to better protect you from malware and other risks. Isn't that much better than having to worry about your files constantly? Speaking of, McAfee takes the guesswork out of monitoring all of your MFPs through their ePolicy and Xerox's own MPS toolset. Both of these allow you to automatically monitor the printer's performance and current vitals.

Cisco Integrated Protection
When you invest in a ConnectKey multifunction printer, you're also getting the guarantee of Cisco through their TrustSec Identity Services Engine (ISE), allowing you to monitor and track all endpoints coming through to your MFP. Any suspicious connections or activity can be immediately taken care of, allowing you to have a safer office environment that doesn't have to worry about a surprise malware attack or breach of information being stolen by a third party.

Other Security Measures
There's even more protection from malicious attacks than just the ones mentioned above. In fact, there are dozens of features that are entirely focused on keeping your MFP safe as well as your entire office. Here are some other security measures and credentials included with a ConnectKey printer:

  • Be able to override any hard disk functions that are both SSL encrypted as well as compliant with any Department of Defense policies and procedures.
  • There is both the ability to do access code and access card printing.
  • All ConnectKey machines have Common Criteria Certification, making all software verified by the federal government standards of security.
  • Be able to track user activity and safely scan all email (even Gmail and Yahoo for small businesses).
  • All ConnectKey MFPs are also compliant with HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley and the HiTech Act.

Combined with the efforts of McAfee, Cisco, and Xerox's own security measures, ConnectKey brings another layer of heightened security that cannot be beat. The ConnectKey multifunction printer line-up focuses just as much on security as they do on efficiency and high quality work, every time. And all of this can be used by both small businesses and enterprise-level companies.

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