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MPS & The Legal Marketplace - The Ideal Partnership

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Sep 05, 2013 @ 02:49 PM

 MPS and the Legal marketplace

The legal profession is a document intensive environment. Many firms have a copy center located on each floor. Individual attorneys may have individual copiers, faxes and printers located in their office. With such a diverse array of technology, many firms are not accurately accounting for inventory, maintenance, document preparation and printing costs.

Gartner Research estimates that firms spend between 1 to 3% of their total revenue on document output alone. These numbers are enormous, but many company’s IT staff are unaware of the total cost of operation (TCO) or even the number of output devices in their office. Toner supplies and maintenance can account for roughly 30% of the TCO. There’s usually no reasonable upgrade policy in place and machines and supplies are often purchased directly by the end user without any accountability.

Add to these costs the need for immediate access to critical documents and the high regulatory burden placed on law firms and it becomes easy to see how an un-audited print environment can result in potentially thousands of dollars of lost revenue and profit.

MPS and the Law

While many firms turn to their internal IT specialists to manage their print environment, they are often dealing with a myriad of different devices. Their time is spent maintaining machines with little time left for upgrading and standardizing assets or cost control.

Managed Print Service companies are one way for firms to assist their IT professionals and begin to control costs. An MPS company will first perform an audit of assets to determine the feasibility of updating and standardizing equipment. Printing technology has improved in recent years and the simple act of replacing aging technology with the newest multifunction machines can result in increased productivity, improved workflow and significant cost savings.

MPS reaches far beyond standardizing assets and enacting print protocols. There are specific challenges in the legal industry that can benefit from the expertise offered by MPS. They include:

  • Maximizing billable hours
  • Tracking and allocating in-house and client costs 
  • Disaster planning and recovery
  • Compliance with regulatory burdens such as, Sarbanes-Oxley Gramm-Leach Bliley, The Security Exchange Act of 1934, and The Anti-Money Laundering Act
  • Search ability, instant access and retrieval of critical documents and forms

These challenges can be readily addressed once your MPS partner has performed a complete work assessment and put in place protocols. New software solutions are available that can make tackling these challenges easier. By using an MPS provider to implement software upgrades, your in-house IT department is free to focus on other mission critical tasks. By managing print usage, improving office infrastructure and implementing software controls, many firms find significant savings to their bottom line costs.

Paperless Solutions

As more businesses seek sustainability MPS providers have been moving companies towards paperless solutions. By integrating MFP technology into the office environment documents can be scanned and stored on hard drives for later retrieval. This results in less inventory use and additional bottom line savings. Software solutions like Xerox ConnectKey technology offer the highest levels of security and extensive document sorting and retrieval functions. Your MPS provider can also assist with disaster planning and secure back-up solutions that allow for added security and faster recovery from any potential problems.

Hiring an MPS provider can help you to realize significant savings throughout your firm’s print environment. By reallocating and upgrading assets, streamlining compliance procedures, controlling inventory, and implementing print protocols your MPS provider can move your firm towards a paperless future. Working with a Managed Print Service provider is a smart business decision that translates directly to your firm’s bottom line.

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The Benefits of Paper to Digital Software

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Nov 29, 2012 @ 08:30 AM



The Benefits of Paper to Digital SoftwareScan to PC is a software intelligence that provides a way to keep information stored in a virtual database instead of using physical paper documents. The software concept was imagined by a group of employees looking to create a recycling program at work, they got to thinking: "how can we eliminate printing altogether?". The software is adaptable to almost any business and has very significant benefits from healthcare professionals to the legal industry. The software also has a significant environmental upside in its ability to reduce paper waste. 

Key features 

  • The ability to have all your information in one place in either Microsoft or PDF files.
  • Customized access, so that users will have information ready based on their profile.
  • Workflow processing that sends all the information to the right place automatically without you having to direct it.
  • Government standard security that complies with all HIPAA regulations.
  • Optical Character Recognition technology, so you can scan all your pre-existing paper documents accurately.

Healthcare Upside 

 Scan to PC will make keeping patient records a great deal more organized. This will give healthcare workers an easier time while searching records, freeing up time to treat patients. With its ability to classify information, doctors can easily find certain patients and their previous medical history. Healthcare professionals will also be able to send test results straight to the specialist without having to go through the physician. Having better records of patients will also aid in research and the collaboration between physicians. 

Legal Advantage 

 Scan to PC has a considerable upside in the legal industry, since many important case files need to be tracked. Scan to PC has created the perfect database for them. With the workflow and archive organizational features of the software, legal professionals can greatly increase efficiency. Not to mention the cost reduction factor by saving money on paper, cutting down employee hours, and reducing the storage costs. 

Environmental impact 

 United States office workers use approximately 4 million tons of paper each year as a unit. To greatly reduce this number not only in the USA, but worldwide would be substantial in solving the over forestation problem we are experiencing today. To cure the sustainability problem will not be easy, but this is a big step forward. If we expect to not use up our entire resource base we must adapt to new technologies that have an environmental conscience. Technologies like this could work to greatly reduce the number of paper consumed to a portion of what it is today. 

     Scan to Pc software is ideal for any paper intensive industry and has specialized programs for many other fields then just the legal, and healthcare industries. With its ability to accurately read paper documents and organize them in such a user friendly way it has an upside for improving efficiency in almost any office. Technology like this can revolutionize the way we look up information, increasing efficiency in a noticeable way.

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