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Let's Talk Turkey: Common Office Printing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Posted by Tim Stanley on Tue, Nov 25, 2014 @ 11:42 AM

Office Printing Mistakes

Office printing is a mundane task, requiring little more than the click of a mouse or the push of a button, but do you know how much each click is costing you? Most office workers focus their time and energy on what is on the paper, giving little or no thought to just how much they're printing, or how they're doing it. Print management solutions can help solve this problem quickly and easily, resulting in an immediate reduction in print costs and waste. The first step towards change, is performing a print assessment, and determining which of these common office printing mistakes are costing you money.

The Top 5 Most Expensive Office Printing Mistakes

Avoid these issues, with an effective print policy as part of your print management solutions. 

  1. Failing to recycle. Keep used print cartridges out of the landfill by keeping them out of the trash. Print management solutions that include recycling options can help reduce your environmental footprint, and are just as easy as recycling paper!

  2. Printing instead of scanning. Leave the decision to print a document up to the recipient; scanning your material and sending it as a digital document is a great way to save, and a more efficient way to share information. 

  3. Not reducing images. Cost estimates put forth by toner cartridge manufacturers are typically based on five percent page coverage. Graphic intensive documents such as color PowerPoint slides use much more product, and can send print costs through the roof. Print management solutions include printing several slides on one page, and in black and white vs. color. 

  4. Being too colorful. Color prints and copies can cost up to 10 times more than black and white; set your print driver settings to default to automatically print in black and white for instant savings.  

  5. Using all the toner. If you've ever gone to reach for the jug of milk only to find an empty carton, you can relate: if a user doesn't let anyone know the printer is out of toner, it affects everyone that attempts to print after them. Ask us about our complimentary software that can help you increase efficiency and reduce downtime by providing service and toner alerts.

The Solution

A print assessment of your current print costs and volumes, can help pinpoint the issues in your office and provide solutions, giving you something to be truly thankful for this holiday season. 

To find out how much your business spends on print, click here for your free print assessment: 

Print Assessment

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The Paperless Office - Pipe Dream Or Reality?

Posted by Tim Stanley on Wed, Jun 18, 2014 @ 01:38 PM

paperless office1When we were kids, we were promised many great things in the “future”. By now we were supposed to have flying cars and two-way wrist radios (ok, we did get smartphones and smart watches) but the biggest promise was the hope of the paperless office! The term, first coined by marketers 50 years ago is still not a reality. Businesses even today, can’t go completely paperless but we’re getting closer all the time. Here are 9 quick tips to move your company closer to a paperless future.

  1. Institute print monitoring and begin to track your paper usage. – Knowing is the first step towards reducing use. Tell your employees that you are monitoring print output and enlist their help in keeping track. Use print logs to track use.  Bonus – studies have shown that simply informing employees they are being monitored can reduce print output by 10%.
  2. Go paperless at the bank and with service providers – Have the phone company and other vendors send electronic invoices. Make an effort to pay bills online to eliminate checks, envelopes and stamps. These savings can add up!
  3. Put in a recycling bin. – A low-tech approach that can raise awareness of your company’s paper use. Plus it moves your business towards sustainability.
  4. Eliminate physically signed internal documents. – Take as many non-essential documents online as possible. Institute an electronic signature policy to help reduce output.
  5. Eliminate your fax machine. – Replace faxes with editable documents (pdfs) that can be submitted via email or the web.
  6. Cut your print output in half by printing two-sided documents.
  7. Replace multiple machines with a Multi-function printer. – Replace your fax, scanner, copier and printer with a single MFP. You’ll use less energy, paper and consumables.
  8. Use OCR software. – OCR software lets you turn documents into editable files that can then be shared online.
  9. Use smartphone apps like CamCard or WorldCard. – Use your phone to instantly turn business cards into digital contacts.

Reducing your paper use is a process. Small steps lead to big savings. Cutting paper saves money and brings your business closer to sustainability. The paperless office isn’t here yet, but taking these steps brings it one step closer to reality!

Click here for your free e-book and learn how your office can begin to go paperless!

green printing

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Reduce Print Costs with Xerox ConnectKey

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Jun 27, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

Reduce print costs with xerox connectkey

The way your company prints is impacting your bottom line. It’s as simple as that. In fact, companies that don’t pay careful attention to their print environments are losing much more money than they realize as the cost for paper, toner and energy begin to add up. The good news? Xerox offers a solution called ConnectKey, cloud-based software that some Multifunction Printers come equipped with to save you time, effort—and money.

If you are in charge of your printers or print environment, you probably focus most on productivity. That’s smart. But looking for ways to do it more cost effectively as well is even smarter. When your multifunction printers are working with ConnectKey you get big advantages in area of cost savings.

How? Well several ConnectKey features come into play to save you money:

  • Who prints: Control over user permissions
  • How they print: Enforcing double sided
  • Toner amount: Limiting color printing
  • Print monitoring and management: knowing the users
  • Emailing print jobs to save on paper, and more

Let’s take a quick look at these features:

Controlling who prints

ConnectKey can give you full control of who uses your printers and when. It gives you detailed user permission options that let you specify which people or departments can print to specific printers from certain workstations. You can even control what print options are available should someone just walk up to a printer to use it on the spot. It’s secure too, as ConnectKey works with Cisco® TrustSec to provide complete visibility of all of the multifunction printers that are connected to ensure you stay on good terms with IT.  

Controlling the how

ConnectKey also has the capability to control how users print in order to save costs on paper and toner. For example, it makes all printers default to double sided printing automatically to use less paper throughout the workplace. (This is also good for the environment, but that’s another story for later.) You can also control the times that your printers can be used to avoid after hours printing, and more.

Less color printing

ConnectKey also saves costs on another vital resource: toner and ink costs. ConnectKey allows you to limit color printing or larger print jobs that require too much expensive color toner, paper and other resources. You also can adjust the amount of color printing depending on how much space the color takes up on the page. Or simply make all color logos black and white, etc. It gives you many options for saving.

Managing printing

With ConnectKey you can also track and manage your multifunction printers and devices for better accounting. And when you know just how much you are printing you can find ways to limit printing to save costs or justify investing in other devices, etc.

Emailing print jobs

With ConnectKey users can also have their jobs emailed directly to their workstation to keep everything flowing digitally without the use of physical resources. This increases productivity and saves time, too. And we all know time is money.

In short, reducing your printing costs is critical for your company to stay competitive, and ConnectKey gives you the innovative tools you need to have your workplace working more efficiently while controlling resources and costs.

Click here to find out how your business can save up to 30% on print costs in 30 days:

cut print costs

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How Xerox ConnectKey is Changing the Way We Work

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, May 30, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

How Xerox ConnectKey is Changing the Way We Work

The way we work is constantly changing. Today’s workforce is requiring companies to adapt to new trends like bring your own device and telecommuting in the workplace. Employees need access 24/7/365 to data and services no matter when or where they are working. Xerox understands the way business gets done in our connected world. Their newest offering is called ConnectKey and it’s transforming business by streamlining the information management process.

ConnectKey is an integrated software package designed to increase productivity in the workplace. The new software system is embedded in Xerox multi-function printers and other multifunction electronic devices.  ConnectKey allows companies to store access convert and share data and documents easily and efficiently from any connected device, anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Convenience, Productivity and Security

Xerox, along with several third party developers, has released 16 new products and services for the ConnectKey platform with more to come. In this new environment, office printers and scanners have increased functionality and are controllable from any connected mobile device using any operating system. This allows your office to take advantage of the BYOD trend in today’s workplace. It means that your mobile workforce can have access to documents stored in the cloud and can share and collaborate on critical data with your staff from anywhere in the world.  Documents can be edited from any remote device then remotely printed in your office all through the cloud. This means that work can flow seamlessly from the road to your office increasing your employees productivity and saving your company both time and money in the process.

ConnectKey offers a full range of convenient easy to use productivity enhancing functions like:

• Universal Remote Control Panel – This control panel shows up on your desktop or device and allows complete control of all of ConnectKey’s functionality whether you’re working from your desk, or a client’s office.

• Remote Repair Capabilities – IT professionals can access your MFP remotely, which means less down time and fewer tech service calls and that saves your company both time and money.

• CentreWare – Allows control of all of your print devices centrally, not just Xerox devices. Create a complete remotely accessible network within your existing print environment.

• CRU – Customer replaceable units. Another time and money saving feature that means fewer service calls.

• Unified Address Book – email your contacts directly to the printer for complete unified access. No more searching your multiple devices for that lost email address.

Scan to PC – Instead of printing all documents for sharing and collaboration, scan to your PC in PDF format. Increase your company’s sustainability and use less paper.

• Automatic notification - Your printer will automatically send an email when your print job is done.

Xerox along with third party partners McAfee and Cisco, have embedded ConnectKey with enhanced security features designed to allow data to flow safely and securely to and from connected devices. No two companies work exactly alike. That’s why ConnectKey ships with an App Studio where users can develop their own customizable applications and work process supports. 

In today’s ever-changing business environment cost savings and enhanced productivity are the keys to surviving and thriving. With ConnectKey, Xerox has developed the tools to allow your company to meet the challenges of doing business in this tough economy. ConnectKey’s ease of use, and compatibility across operating systems and devices along with it’s enhanced security will free up your employee’s time and allow them to focus on other mission critical business like increasing sales.  Switching your business to ConnectKey is a smart business decision that will streamline your company’s business processes and directly impact your bottom-line.

Click here for your free e-book on how to make your office more environmentally friendly: 

green printing

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