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MFPs to MPS: The Acronyms of Managed Print

Posted by Tim Stanley on Fri, Sep 07, 2012 @ 09:29 AM

MFPs to MPS The Acronyms of Managed Print

Understanding your printing environment shouldn't be a mind-boggling task, even though the over use of acronyms like MFPs and MPS seems relatively puzzling. We'll introduce you to the current trend of breaking away from a decentralized print environment to an efficient and cost effective Managed Print Services (MPS) approach to printing in today’s office. 

While MFPs are the current technology, with their myriad of features and functions, the way these MFPs are administered is changing. Whats on the horizon for the office printing industry?

Enter MPS. MPS isn't a new technology per se, it's existing and upcoming state-of-the-art approach to office printing, through a services led strategy that leverages your existing equipment infrastructure allowing for the following; monitoring of all print related activities and costs, proactive service and toner replenishment and consolidated billing resulting in less invoices to process. MPS is the new trend leading the print industry, and for good reason:

  • Uptime: when your print environment is managed for you, your company has more uptime thanks to proactively scheduled service and maintenance, along with automatic supplies replenishment and technical support. 
  • Controlled Costs: you have control over all document output costs as a result of an MPS service program which utilizes a rules based approach to printing in your office. 
  • Intelligent Print: MPS allows for intelligent print capabilities with end-user controls which can restrict or enable specific user-access levels and print capabilities. 
  • Workflow Integration: MPS can be integrated with other workflow solutions to improve on overall employee productivity and document workflow. 

In today’s cost conscience economy MPS is the most logical approach. A well run managed print program increases your printing intelligence by providing cost visibility and cost controls in one of the last areas of unaudited business expense – office printing. When you combine these factors with the bottom line cost savings that can be enjoyed through a managed approach to printing it is easy to see why more and more busy offices are now flocking to MPS. 

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