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Is It Time To Update Your Print Driver?

Posted by Tim Stanley on Fri, May 08, 2015 @ 01:21 PM

time to update your print driver tds

Technology advances at an alarming rate, and without periodic updates, electronics may become outdated or at risk for a security breach. When it comes to your printer, software updates can help increase efficiency, while ensuring print processes run smoothly; here's how.

What Is A Printer Driver?

A print driver is a program that controls your printer, translating the data between your computer application and printer. Each time you hit the print key, the driver takes control, sending the necessary data to your printer with the correct commands, prompting the unit to print your information on paper. 

Signs You Need To Update

There's no need to continually update your print driver just for the sake of doing so, and while it may seem like a great idea, it can actually do more harm than good. Your printer will begin sending signals when it's time for an update, including the following:

  • The printer may become unresponsive. 
  • Network connections seem to be inconsistent.
  • Reduced print quality.
  • Print projects aren't completed and seem to be lost. 

A How To Guide

Follow these four easy steps to update your driver:

  1. Note the make and model. All drivers are not created equally, where drivers are specific to each manufacturer and model. Find the make and model number prior to searching onliine for the appropriate update specific to your device, typically located on the back or side of the printer. 
  2. Find the correct update. The latest update may not be your best option; carefully check the list of drivers available for your exact make and model. 
  3. Download and install the drivers. Follow the online instructions to download and install the drivers for your devices. If you've partnered with an MPS provider, updates will be taken care of for you. 
  4. Do a test print. Order documents from several different printers and applications to ensure the driver updates have solved any existing issues. 

Your Managed Print Services provider does more than keep track of supplies and maintenance, they can also help ensure your printers are up to date with the latest patches and upgrades.

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How Can A Print Driver Help Your Business?

Posted by Tim Stanley on Wed, Jul 16, 2014 @ 11:04 AM

print driverPrint drivers are pieces of software designed to help printers on your network connect and work within your office environment.  Different makes and models of printers each have different print drivers, and the capabilities of those print drivers can vary greatly.

When many types of printers are used in a business office, the IT support group may find the management and support of all the different print drivers to be challenging.

Before investing in new printing technology or any sophisticated software products to help with print management, consider looking at the print driver features and options that are available.

Some of the options to consider include:

  • User restrictions including number of copies, color printing, and document file types
  • Application defaults so that certain types of documents are only allowed to print in black & white.  For example Outlook emails when printed default to black and white
  • Job status information to provide users with updates on whether their particular print job has completed or if there are problems
  • Double sided versus single sided default printing in order to save paper for green eco-friendly initiatives

While most printer drivers seem like small insignificant pieces of software, they can be extremely helpful in reducing the expense of office printing.

To reduce the challenges that many IT groups face with supporting multiple print drivers, businesses are moving to the advantages of more intelligent print drivers.  The benefits for intelligent print drivers can save a business time and money by enforcing consistent print policies, allowing easier maintenance and support, and better managing the use of toner and paper supplies.

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