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Jumpstart Productivity with an Outsourced IT Department

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Nov 01, 2012 @ 08:30 AM

outsourced ITSmall and medium businesses as well as large corporations understand that IT is a substantial expense that is often very difficult to properly measure return on investment.  Virtually every business needs a computer of some type along with other devices such as printers, copiers, scanners, network equipment and more.  There is also software to support, install and maintain that adds to the expense. 

Outsourced IT has emerged as a viable option for many businesses of all sizes.  There are distinct advantages to leveraging outsourced IT for your company:

  • Your company can focus on its core business instead of diverting valuable resources towards routine equipment maintenance or troubleshooting
  • Risks are assessed and a strategy is developed to help to mitigate those risks
  • Network analysis and management can be handled to maintain consistent and reliable performance
  • Software installation, routine maintenance and upgrades are performed consistently which will reduce the likelihood of issues or failures
  • Desktop management is handled by a provider instead of using more valuable internal resources
  • Troubleshooting is performed according to your service level agreement (SLA) with your outsourced IT provider and based on your needs
  • Service and value are easily measured to provide a quantifiable return on investment
  • Managed print services will keep the expenses associated with printing well controlled while keeping the office print processes productive

To determine the best outsourced IT provider for your specific business consider these tips:

  • While cost is a factor it should not be your only focus 
  • Carefully review your service level agreements (SLA) to make sure they will meet your business needs
  • Evaluate the technology that you currently use and make sure your provider can support that technology.  For example if you use a specific brand of printer you should find a provider that has a good reputation to support and maintain that brand
  • Your provider can work with you to identify key areas where outsourced IT would be beneficial

As one of the first steps, your provider should evaluate your internal processes and apply costs to those processes to properly compare and demonstrate value.  Make sure you include any future initiatives or expansions that could be occurring so that those expenses can be factored as well.

Outsourced IT can be a great benefit for small businesses as well as large corporations.  Each company has its own set of unique requirements, and there is no single provider that could fit every company.  Evaluate your options carefully in order to choose the right provider for you.

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