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Do You Delegate? Here's Why You Should!

Posted by Tim Stanley on Mon, Jan 07, 2019 @ 01:40 PM


Running your own business, or managing your team requires delegation. The fact is, growing a business and doing everything yourself is impossible. Delegating can be difficult to master, but it's the one talent that will make a huge difference in your career and your business.

Here are three reasons to delegate, and three steps to successfully delegate tasks to your team.

Why You Need to Delegate

While you may have loved doing certain tasks as you built your business, the fact is, as your business grows your focus needs to shift from day-to-day tasks to the big picture. Delegating gives your team the chance to show you what they've got! Here are three reasons to delegate:

  1. Your First Priority is Developing People - As a business owner or manager, your primary job is developing your team. Work towards bringing out their best by helping them develop areas where they may be lacking. Be sure to listen to their feedback and questions.
  2. You've Just Got Too Much on Your Plate - Delegating removes day-to-day tasks from your to-do list, and makes sure they still get done as you focus on the big picture. Check in periodically to make sure projects remain on track.
  3. Delegation Fosters Collaboration - Big projects are usually divided among employees. For it to work, your entire team must work together towards a common goal. Ensure every team member knows their role and the goal they're all working towards.

Effective Delegation

Like any skill, delegation can be learned. The key is understanding the process. Here are three steps to effective delegation.

  1. PrepareThe result is only as good as the plan! Make sure you think-out and prepare a plan for whatever task you're delegating.
  2. AssignOnce you've put a plan in place, convey the information to your team clearly and concisely. Include information on timing, budget and context. Set expectations for communication including frequency of meetings.
  3. Hold the Team AccountableTwo-way communication is important. Make sure your team understands the task at hand and hold them accountable for meeting deadlines and goals.

Delegation is a valuable skill. Mastering effective delegation skills will change how your business operates and help you grow. Like any skill, the more your practice delegation, the more comfortable you'll be with the process.


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Want a More Productive Office? Take These Five Steps!

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Dec 20, 2018 @ 11:11 AM


As a business owner, you're probably looking for more ways to make your office run more efficiently, streamline workflows and cut costs. The most productive workplaces share some common elements that not only cut costs but make efficiency the baseline for daily operations. With a few tweaks, you can update your office to increase morale, improve productivity and efficiency.

Here are five tips to help you make the move to a more productive workplace!

First Step: Do an Assessment

Start by reviewing your office space. Take an inventory of equipment and furniture. Ask yourself how often each piece is used and who uses it. Once you know where you stand currently, you can begin to make adjustments to improve workflows, efficiency, and productivity. Trade-in, recycle or sell any items you no longer have a use for.

Consolidate Hardware

Outdated hardware is inefficient and can increase costs and create bottlenecks. Consolidating your fleet by replacing personal printers with a properly placed, shared device will improve workflows and lower costs. Multifunction devices offer more value by replacing a roomful of machines with a single device. Consolidating lowers costs, reduces energy use, frees up valuable real estate and improves productivity.

Proper Lighting

Whenever possible maximize natural light in your office. You'll save money on reduced energy costs. As an added benefit, natural light is easier on the eyes, healthier, and studies have shown that it increases productivity and employee morale.

Make it Comfortable

Comfortable employees are happy employees and happy employees are more productive. Arrange cubicles for productivity. Keep it professional and presentable, but don't overlook employee comfort. Big tech companies provide employee perks like game rooms and comfy couches for a reason... because a relaxed employee is more creative, can think outside-the-box, and is more productive.

Go Digital

Fewer paper processes reduce waste, increase productivity and improve workflows. An added bonus – no more lost time searching for misplaced paper documents. Digitize your files and you'll free up valuable real estate when you lose the file cabinets. With the right scanner, digitizing your office can be accomplished quickly and easily!

Are you ready to be more productive? Call today and schedule a free print assessment. We'll look at your current print environment, identify productivity gaps and offer solutions that will cut costs and improve efficiency.

Print Assessment


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ConnectKey Apps for Your Office

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Sep 27, 2018 @ 12:20 PM


Have you ever wished there was an easier way to get things done with your printer, whether in the office or on the go? With Xerox ConnectKey-enabled printers, there is. The powerful apps available for these printers can change the way you work, and are ideal for companies both large and small.

Xerox Scan to Cloud Email

When you scan a document, chances are you need to send it to someone. This can be a tedious process of saving it, then going back to your desk to attach it to an email. Or perhaps you can send it from your printer after a complicated email setup process. The Xerox Scan to Cloud Email app changes this, allowing you to simply email your scanned documents with no email setup, and it’s compatible with pdf, tiff, jpeg, and other formats. 

Xerox Mobile Link

Work doesn’t have to grind to a halt just because you left the office. The Mobile Link app allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to scan, fax, and print wherever you are. With this app you can configure and initiate jobs from the app, so you can keep the work going from anywhere.

Xerox Easy Translator Service

The world is growing smaller every day, so it’s essential for you to be able to communicate with clients and colleagues around the world. With the Xerox Easy Translator Service app you can translate your document into over 40 languages directly from your printer, phone, or computer for truly easy communication. 

Other Apps

Xerox ConnectKey utilizes app technology to help your business thrive and grow. The Xerox App Gallery is an ever-expanding suite of apps to improve function, productivity and organization. From here you can get apps to scan directly to the cloud using DropBox or Google Drive, make your documents searchable, and convert paper files to digital documents. With a ConnectKey-enabled printer, you are getting a future-proofed piece of equipment able to adapt to your changing needs over time.

Apps are everywhere. Never has the statement “there’s an app for that” been more true. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Xerox’s ConnectKey-enabled printers also utilize this technology to bring the power of apps to your print environment. Contact us to learn more.


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Distracted at Work? Try These Techniques

Posted by Tim Stanley on Mon, Sep 17, 2018 @ 11:41 AM


We all get distracted at work sometimes. You've tried everything to stop, but you still find yourself surfing Facebook and not getting your work done. Maybe, you've tried installing extensions to block social media sites or time blocking, and nothing seems to work.

When conventional techniques fail, it's time to check out other options. These five alternative techniques for dealing with distraction might just be the ticket!

Just Let Go

Ever tried really hard to control a situation in the work place and the harder you try, the less it works? A big source of workplace stress is trying to control things that are out of your control! Are you using distractions to avoid dealing with stress? Try and practice just letting it go. It might be exactly what you need to get back on track.

Take Breaks Throughout The Day

When you're distracted it might not feel right to take a break. After all, you've got all that work to do that you've been avoiding. A recent study conducted by Baylor University asked 95 employees who primarily work on computers to track their breaks. Researchers found that whenever they intentionally stepped away from their screens, they reported feeling less empotional exhaustion and increased job satisfaction.

Let Yourself Be Distracted!

Seems counterintuitive, but inspiration sometimes strikes when you are most distracted. Being creative can help you to focus and get excited about what you're doing. If you suspect that a distraction is holding you back, not fighting it can sometimes open your creative floodgates!

Engage in Play

Sometimes starting your day with some mental calisthenics before jumping in can help. Aaron Britt, content brand manager for Herman Miller engages his team with 20-minutes of anagrams to warm up each morning. This type of purposeful play uses the same mental processes that his team uses on the job.

Trying different approaches can often help. These offbeat options just might be what you need to get your focus back.


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Improve Your Business With Scanning

Posted by Tim Stanley on Fri, Aug 28, 2015 @ 09:09 AM

scan (1)

Technology has changed the playing field for businesses in every industry. Often, business owners overlook some of the tools they already have in the office. Your digital multifunction printer is at the top of that list! Many users have no idea about the capabilities of their MFPs. Fully leveraged, your MFP can create seamless productivity between the constant flow of paper through your office and digital information through both the printer and scanner functions.

Today’s scanners are much more advanced and can be used in a number of ways to increase productivity, streamline workflow and free up employees for mission critical tasks. With the development of optical character recognition (OCR) software, scanners can now convert documents into editable and searchable text. Information can be easily transferred to a digital format that can be manipulated, searched, shared and stored. Here are several ways that using your scanner’s capabilities can improve your business.

1. Scan to email – Documents can be scanned, converted to pdf files and emailed directly, eliminating the wait for fax confirmation or multi-step processes for delivery.

2. Scan to folder/network drive – Information can be scanned directly to a folder on your desktop, or to your network drive allowing other employees instant access to critical information. Documents can be shared, edited and automatically backed-up.

3. Automating tasks – This is the most underutilized function for most MFP users. OCR technology can convert scanned text into editable text. As a result, documents can be named and indexed. This named data can be used by other business applications like Excel. Actions can be triggered automatically, for example, payments received can be automatically credited to the correct client account.

4. Workflow – Scanners can be effectively used to direct documents into your office workflow process. Accounts payable, order fulfillment, and HR processes are examples of paper intensive tasks that can be streamlined. Once digitized, documents are easily shared among employees and can be easily monitored by management.

Your MFP is so much more than just a printer and copier. With scanning, you can streamline paper loads throughout your operation by digitizing critical information. This data can then be shared, routed and automated to improve workflow, free expensive employee time, and increase worker productivity effectively eliminating paper trails and allowing your business to work smarter!

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Xerox ConnectKey™:Helping to Improve Office Printing Productivity

Posted by Tim Stanley on Fri, Feb 14, 2014 @ 12:52 PM

tds connectkey

“A penny saved is a penny earned” is a famous quote from Benjamin Franklin.  Today we may not hold the penny in high regard, but business leaders will probably say the same for time – a second saved is a second earned.

Productivity is so valuable with business that the majority of tasks are increasingly measured based on the time it takes to accomplish.  Xerox understands the importance of productivity in business and has launched the ConnectKey™ series solutions specifically to help in saving time, improving quality, and increasing productivity.

ConnectKey™ is an intelligent business solution that transforms typical office equipment such as printers, scanners and copiers into sophisticated productivity tools.  The equipment series from Xerox that utilizes ConnectKey™ is like no other piece of typical office equipment.

Some of the productivity boosting features from ConnectKey™ include:

  • Control and manage printing from your desktop or laptop computer using the Universal Remote Control Panel – this means you can track your jobs and your department’s print jobs without getting up from your desk.
  • Repair and support printers remotely with an interface designed for IT and tech support staff – this greatly helps your IT support staff to address problems quickly.
  • All print devices including other brands can be managed using the Centreware print manager – no need for separate print manager packages when you can simply access one centralized print management solution.
  • Equipment is designed with simple CRU’s – “customer replaceable units” for easy maintenance and reduced service calls.  Your staff will not have to wait for the service repair person to arrive and can get back to work quickly.
  • With one unified address book all devices have the ability to store key contacts and use for email notifications and workflow routing.
  • Double sided printing and scanning is available with Scan-to-PC capabilities so no additional paper is wasted.
  • Instant notification can be enabled for users to receive an email when their particular print job is completed.

With all of the features from the Xerox ConnectKey™ your business can reduce the amount of foot traffic from printer to copier to scanner and back.  Less travel time means higher productivity for your personnel.  With the easy print management features along with streamlined workflow configurations your routine office tasks can easily move from one person to the next or one department to the next without a complicated business process software package to install.

If you are looking to save seconds, minutes, or hours out of your work day, the Xerox ConnectKey™ series is worth your time.

To find out how much your business spends on print, click here for your free print assessment: 

Print Assessment

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The Advantages of an MFP & How Your Business Can Benefit!

Posted by Tim Stanley on Fri, Aug 23, 2013 @ 11:53 AM

 MFP Benefits

Multifunction printers (MFPs) are valuable all in one business solutions that can save your company both time and money—while reducing the need for costly resources like paper, toner, extra employees and more. Today’s multifunction solutions truly do offer you complete solutions, with features that include scanning, faxing, Bluetooth connections, WiFi, advanced photo printing and other tools—all in one place. Oh yes, they are great for printing too.

The Advantages of MFPs Are Many.

If you are considering adding MFPs to your work environment, there are many positive advantages to consider. By having these versatile devices connected to your network you will see efficiency and productivity start to soar. The latest technologies have been built right in to most of today’s MFP’s, including:

Cloud technology that allows you to print at any time and from wherever you are, you can even print images and other data that has been stored on remote servers.

Advanced scanning capabilities that include double hinged scanning for larger documents like magazines, journals, posters and more.

Picture scanning that includes being able to scan multiple pictures at one time and then save them as individual files—saving tremendous amount of time at the machine.

Easy to handle user interface instead of an old fashioned complicated button methods of years gone by.

Other handy connectivity features like WiFi, USB ports and more (You can even plug a camera directly into a printer and print out a job)

Scanning. Faxing. And oh yes, Printing!

Having a multifunction printer at the hub of your business puts all the business tools your employees or co-workers need in one convenient spot. It makes scanning faster, copying easier, faxing effortless and generally reduces the burden on everyone. And while there are so many benefits to a multifunction printer, one of the biggest is how it improves the way you print.

It is vital to pick the right model to meet your company’s needs however you need to consider duty cycles, speed, quality, output cost and more. Every business is different and MFPs come in many shapes and sizes too.  Here are a few tips to take into account:

Duty cycle is how much printing you do each month in terms of actual prints the machine outputs. A smaller office might print as few as 1,500 times per month, but larger companies tend to be in the tens of thousands. What’s your duty cycle? Be sure that the printer you choose is built to handle it.

Speed speaks for itself. You’ll quickly see that most MFPs will improve the speed at which you currently print, which in turn will vastly increase your productivity. Speed is measured in amount of pages per minute that you can print.

Quality also speaks for itself. Sometimes you need good quality for color documents or client presentations, but often you can get by on lesser, more affordable quality. That means having a printer that can adjust to fit your needs is important, too.

Ultimately with all the advantages a multifunction printer can bring to your business, you will see that the overall lower Total Cost of Operation (TCO) is worth every penny.


To find out how much your business spends on print, click here for your free print assessment: 

Print Assessment



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Increase Office Efficiency with Xerox ConnectKey

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, May 02, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

Increase Office Efficiency with Xerox ConnectKey

The way we work is constantly changing. New technology enables us to be more productive than ever before.  One major new trend in the business world is known as BYOD or “bring your own device”. Employers are adapting to this trend and allowing their employees to work on their own technology. Employees are more comfortable and more productive when working on familiar devices, whether it’s their smartphone, tablet, laptop or netbook.

Xerox understands new trends in the modern workplace and they have released a set of tools designed to adapt to the way we work today. Called ConnectKey, it’s revolutionizing the way work gets done at home, on the road or in your office. ConnectKey allows your employees to connect, work faster, and collaborate better all while protected by the highest levels of security, functionality and ease of use.

ConnectKey is a suite of software tools that turns your company’s multifunction printer into a complete work hub for all of your employees from anywhere in the world, at anytime. Documents can be created using any device and OS, edited, stored and remotely printed in your office entirely through the cloud. This means that work can seamlessly flow from the road, to your home and then to the office with no problems. Xerox; in conjunction with McAfee and Cisco have embedded ConnectKey with the highest level of security, which means that your proprietary information remains safe and secure. Here are some additional features that ConnectKey offers:

• Universal Remote Control Panel (RCP) – The RCP shows up on your desktop or device and allows you to control all of ConnectKey’s functionality whether you’re working from your desk, or a client’s office.

• Remote Repair Capabilities – Your tech team can access your MFP remotely to perform updates and repairs. That means less down time and fewer service calls and that saves both time and money.

• CentreWare – Allows central control of all of your print devices, not just Xerox devices. Create a remotely accessible network within your existing print environment.

• CRU – Customer replaceable units. Another time and money saving feature that means fewer service calls.

• Unified Address Book – email contacts directly to the printer and unify your office contact database. No more searching multiple devices for that lost email address.

Scan to PC allows you to scan hard copy documents from the MFP back to your desktop where they can then be repurposed, reformatted or reused. 

• Automatic notification - Your printer will automatically send an email when your print job is done

Xerox understands that each company’s work style is unique. That’s why along with the standard features that ConnectKey offers, they’ve added a suite of APP development software. Called the Extendable Interface Program it is a server-less technology that enables the creation of applications to run on ConnectKey printers without the need for additional complex IT infrastructure. It’s completely customizable to the way your office works. With the Extendable Interface Program you can customize a full range of functions from scanning to support applications to fit your needs.

Today’s business environment is challenging. Cost savings and enhanced productivity are the keys to thriving in a tough economy. With ConnectKey, Xerox has developed the tools to help you meet those challenges and excel. It’s ease of use, compatibility across all OS systems and devices, and enhanced security will help your employees free up time to focus on other critical business functions, like increasing sales. Migrating your print environment to ConnectKey is a smart business decision that will go a long way towards streamlining your business processes, all while increasing your employee’s productivity.

To find out how your company can save up to 30% in print costs in 30 days, click here:

cut print costs 

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