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Preparing for the New Mobile Reality

Posted by Tim Stanley on Wed, Jan 27, 2016 @ 09:15 AM


This year mobile officially became the primary means of engagement with consumers with eMarketer reporting that 51% of all digital media being viewed on a mobile device. It’s even been estimated that 91% of adults have their smartphone within reach 24 hours a day, and 11.3% of all web users use mobile devices exclusively.

It’s pretty clear, your business needs a mobile strategy. Here are four solid reasons why: 

1. Mobile has special requirements - Viewing a website on a mobile device is a different experience than on a big screen. The need for a design that automatically adapts to your user’s device is crucial. Cluttered pages do not translate well when viewed on a mobile device and text should be clear and concise.

2. Try apps to enhance user experience - Apps are a great way to enhance user experience, especially if you are able to offer something truly useful through interactivity. Apps can offer users instant access to a customer service rep, encourage pre-sales and allow you to demonstrate your product in unique, fun ways.

3. Mobile is how consumers shop - Roughly 75% of mobile users now use their devices for shopping while in store. According to ComScore, three out of five web searches are done using a mobile device. Consumers will often check for the best price when standing in front of an item in the store and half of all travel and restaurant mobile searches lead to a purchase.

4. Marketing can be targeted - 95% of text marketing coupons are opened within 15 minutes of being sent. Mobile devices are taking a larger role in consumer’s buying decisions, making them the perfect vehicle for marketing. 

Mobile is the next wave of consumer engagement. Make it a priority to develop an effective mobile strategy for your business! 

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Finding Balance Between Millennials and Technology in the Workplace

Posted by Tim Stanley on Fri, Oct 23, 2015 @ 02:41 PM

millennials (3)

Technological advancements have impacted the workplace in a profound way, changing the way people work and do business. As far as the Millennial generation is concerned however, it's business as usual.

Growing up surrounded by the latest high tech gadgets may have taught them to expect the next greatest innovation, but does that mean they're at an advantage over other generations?

Read on to learn more about how this relationship can affect your business, and how to leverage it to help every generation to succeed. 


  • Cutting edge communicationMillennials consider email a thing of the past. They are experts at communicating through social media and are completely comfortable using cloud technology.
  • Energy efficiencyMillennials may appear as lacking the same work ethic as generations before them. In truth, Millennials are typically more efficient and have the ability to easily learn new platforms and adapt more easily to change. 
  • Location isn't as important as you thought - Millennials know that it's not necessary to be face-to-face in order to communicate or collaborate, allowing your team the freedom to work in or out of the office with ease. 


  • Security issues - These days everyone's life seems to be an open book, complete with status updates. Problems can arise when confidential company information is included. 
  • A juggling act - Technology has made doing many tasks easier, and Millennials have grown accustomed to performing more than one task at a time. Focusing on one project at a time, however, is often most efficient and effective. 

Steps To Success

  • Teachable moments - Young and old can learn from each other in the workplace: Millennials can help older generations to understand the finer points of technology, while they can teach the younger set the value of interpersonal skills. 
  • Increased security Implementing and enforcing a strict set of rules and policies is the best way to ensure your information remains secure
  • Get personal - Stress the importance of one-on-one communication, encouraging employees to lessen their reliance on technology periodically. 

Implementing a few simple rules can help maintain the balance between Millennials and workplace technology, creating a more harmonious work environment for every generation. 

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