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Non-Profits: Get Your Print Expenses Under Control with MPS

Posted by Tim Stanley on Mon, Aug 29, 2016 @ 10:08 AM


Non-profit organizations face a number of unique challenges with regards to budgeting, accountability and even printing. In an environment where every penny counts and the demand for printing for both internal and public use can be a delicate balancing act—Managed Print Services (MPS) can help. 

Non-Profits and Print 

Due to their complex nature, the print infrastructure of a typical non-profit usually consists of a multitude of devices, from a variety of vendors, spread out over a number of departments. And while it's easy to see how this type of environment makes it hard to control costs, there are a number of other challenges to contend with, including:

  • Technology. Lack of funding for up to date equipment can hamper the quality, efficiency, and productivity of your print environment. 
  • Security. Information may be at risk in the absence of adequate security measures, including lack of IT support, updates, and software found on newer printers and copiers. 
  • Funding. Government or private funding cutbacks are common, leading to budget unpredictability. 

The Benefits of MPS for Non-Profits 

Managed Print Services can help streamline work processes, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and make the most of your existing technology. Additional benefits include:

  • Single point of contact for maintenance, consumables and billing. 
  • Increased expense control. 
  • Assistance with conversion of documents from hardcopy to digital, resulting in increased levels of security and improved workflow. 
  • Work within your budget to ensure your print fleet runs at maximum efficiency, freeing up additional funds. 
  • Configure printers to achieve their full potential and utilize existing technology. 
  • Manage your print fleet, including the implementation of user, and budget friendly print rules and restrictions. 
  • Development and maintenance of a sustainable print budget. 
  • Cost reductions of an average of 30 percent. 

Contact us today to learn more about the many ways MPS can help your non-profit organization reach its full potential, or to see if you qualify for one of our non-profit programs.  

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