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The Surprising Cost of Inkjet Printers

Posted by Tim Stanley on Mon, Jun 29, 2015 @ 09:55 PM

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Take a look around your workplace. There is a very good chance that several of your employees will have a small inkjet printer in their offices to print the occasional document. It's common to see several inkjet printers in an office environment because they are inexpensive to purchase. That is, of course, until they run out of ink!

The average inkjet cartridge will supposedly print up to 500 pages; however, this estimation is assuming that you only use 5 percent page coverage, which is barely more than one paragraph. Since you're likely printing more than one paragraph of text on your pages, that means you'll be replacing that inkjet cartridge much faster than 500 prints.

Do you print graphics on occasion? Graphics require significantly more coverage, which will leave you needing to replace expensive inkjet cartridges even more frequently.

Printing in color uses ink from four different cartridges. This fact alone should make you think twice before choosing to print in color.

Aside from the hassle of having to frequently replace cartridges in an inkjet printer, the cost of doing so can be substantial. To put things into better perspective, a typical ounce of liquid ink for an inkjet printer is $32.99! That makes the cost of an inkjet replacement cartridge considerably more expensive than items that we know as luxuries such as Chanel No. 5 perfume ($22 per ounce) and Dom Perignon champagne ($4.54 per ounce). If you’re printing in color, your costs go up exponentially!  Color uses four or more cartridges to print.

If you’re concerned that your organization is spending too much money on printing, be sure to take advantage of our print assessment service.

Not only will we take a complete inventory of your printing equipment and note the activity for each printer, but we'll give you a breakdown of what you are actually paying in printing costs. This information can prove to be extremely powerful in determining a print strategy for your organization going forward.


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The Truth Behind the Low Cost of Inkjet Printers

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Jan 10, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

The Truth Behind the Low Cost of inkjet Printers

As more businesses look for ways to control overhead costs, one area that is often overlooked is your company’s print environment. It’s time to review your print policies and procedures. Experts say that your print expense is a cost area that can rival utilities and your corporate mobile phone bill in complexity and options.

Thankfully, there are solutions to controlling your print environment. One place to turn for help are managed print services. As more businesses turn to MPS to help control printing costs, some interesting trends are coming to light. As the price of printing technology has dropped, more companies are turning to inkjet printing as one solution. When considering options, there’s more to it than a low cost of entry. While a powerful lure, in the long run inkjet printers may be one reason for your company’s high print environment costs.

Let’s take a look at inkjet technology.

The Pro’s of Inkjet

Many small business owners are attracted to inkjet technology for several reasons:

• A good inkjet printer costs around $99 dollars.

• Ink jet printers are easy to set up and use.

• Inkjet printers have a smaller footprint. They take up less valuable space.

• Print quality has improved. Many inkjet printers rival laser printers in quality.

• Color printing is available.

These factors make inkjet printing the perfect technology for your employees. They can now have a personal printer at their workstation. This fuels productivity gains and convenience. It also adds a layer of security since inkjet printers are locally connected and not network accessible.

The Downsides

While the pros look attractive, it’s what you may not know that’s surprising!

Many business owners are shocked when they realize replacing a black and color inkjet cartridge, in many models, can cost more than the printer! It’s the classic razor/razor blade model of high cost consumables. Multiply this cost times the number of inkjet printers in your office and you can begin to understand the effect to your bottom line.

There’s a reason ink jet ink is commonly referred to as “black gold” within the print industry. Ink jet printers have a terribly low yield, which translates to a high operating cost per page. Studies show that the ink in your printer is one of the world’s most expensive liquids. One ounce of ink costs a staggering $62 dollars! Compared to the price of crude oil at .019 cents per ounce you can begin to understand how costly unnecessary printing can be.


You should always know your true cost before making a buying decision. While inkjet technology can be costly, there are solutions to help you regain control. Simple systems can be put in place to help monitor and control print costs. A good place to start is establishing a monitoring system to keep track of your print usage. Centralization of office supply purchases can also go a long way towards controlling costs. The trade off is that developing and implementing cost controls can temporarily take your attention away from your primary objective; growing your core business.

A better solution is to engage an MPS professional to do a detailed analysis of your print environment.  They will analyze, and make recommendations about your print needs, usage and costs. An MPS professional can begin to control spending in ways you might not have thought of. They will work to set-up easy to manage systems to track usage and expenses. In these difficult economic times, it makes sense to control your costs wherever possible. MPS might be just the solution your business is looking for!

To find out how much you're currently spending on printing activities, click here for your free print assessment: 

Print Assessment

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