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How MPS Can Help Streamline Workflow

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Jun 11, 2015 @ 10:04 AM

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The concept of workflow applies to every aspect of every business. Whether you design Internet advertising, or build tables, efficient workflow makes the process repeatable and profitable. Workflow is defined as “a combination of tools and tasks one takes to complete a specific purpose.”

One workflow-enhancing device in today’s office is the multifunction printer. A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider not only supports the operation of these devices, they can also assess your organization’s printing workflow to ensure the proper equipment and processes are in place to maximize productivity.

Implementing an MPS Program

The first step in any MPS strategy is taking an inventory of your existing technology. An MPS provider will inventory your equipment to determine if there are deficiencies in your print environment. Next, they will examine your print procedures to determine if your existing technology can support your processes or if changes are necessary to improve workflow. Your provider can monitor printers remotely using software to detect potential problems before they become apparent to your employees!

Upon completing their assessment, an MPS provider will begin to make changes to your technology and processes if needed. For example, they may put controls in place regarding color print to reduce waste, or default jobs to a particular printer to reduce output costs. They may suggest adding multifunction devices, or eliminating older technology to lower your cost per page and save your money.

MPS Improves Workflow and Productivity

An MPS program improves workflow efficiency by adjusting processes and upgrading equipment in your print environment. Simply changing the location of certain print devices based on employee ratios and use patterns can drastically and immediately improve workflow. Software solutions such as print monitoring software are longer-term approaches that can also be used to increase productivity. Other software solutions your MPS provider may employ can reduce waste, lower overhead costs and streamline your operation.

To find out if an MPS program can benefit your business, we invite you to click below for a free, no-obligation technology assessment. 

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Increase Office Efficiency with Xerox ConnectKey

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, May 02, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

Increase Office Efficiency with Xerox ConnectKey

The way we work is constantly changing. New technology enables us to be more productive than ever before.  One major new trend in the business world is known as BYOD or “bring your own device”. Employers are adapting to this trend and allowing their employees to work on their own technology. Employees are more comfortable and more productive when working on familiar devices, whether it’s their smartphone, tablet, laptop or netbook.

Xerox understands new trends in the modern workplace and they have released a set of tools designed to adapt to the way we work today. Called ConnectKey, it’s revolutionizing the way work gets done at home, on the road or in your office. ConnectKey allows your employees to connect, work faster, and collaborate better all while protected by the highest levels of security, functionality and ease of use.

ConnectKey is a suite of software tools that turns your company’s multifunction printer into a complete work hub for all of your employees from anywhere in the world, at anytime. Documents can be created using any device and OS, edited, stored and remotely printed in your office entirely through the cloud. This means that work can seamlessly flow from the road, to your home and then to the office with no problems. Xerox; in conjunction with McAfee and Cisco have embedded ConnectKey with the highest level of security, which means that your proprietary information remains safe and secure. Here are some additional features that ConnectKey offers:

• Universal Remote Control Panel (RCP) – The RCP shows up on your desktop or device and allows you to control all of ConnectKey’s functionality whether you’re working from your desk, or a client’s office.

• Remote Repair Capabilities – Your tech team can access your MFP remotely to perform updates and repairs. That means less down time and fewer service calls and that saves both time and money.

• CentreWare – Allows central control of all of your print devices, not just Xerox devices. Create a remotely accessible network within your existing print environment.

• CRU – Customer replaceable units. Another time and money saving feature that means fewer service calls.

• Unified Address Book – email contacts directly to the printer and unify your office contact database. No more searching multiple devices for that lost email address.

Scan to PC allows you to scan hard copy documents from the MFP back to your desktop where they can then be repurposed, reformatted or reused. 

• Automatic notification - Your printer will automatically send an email when your print job is done

Xerox understands that each company’s work style is unique. That’s why along with the standard features that ConnectKey offers, they’ve added a suite of APP development software. Called the Extendable Interface Program it is a server-less technology that enables the creation of applications to run on ConnectKey printers without the need for additional complex IT infrastructure. It’s completely customizable to the way your office works. With the Extendable Interface Program you can customize a full range of functions from scanning to support applications to fit your needs.

Today’s business environment is challenging. Cost savings and enhanced productivity are the keys to thriving in a tough economy. With ConnectKey, Xerox has developed the tools to help you meet those challenges and excel. It’s ease of use, compatibility across all OS systems and devices, and enhanced security will help your employees free up time to focus on other critical business functions, like increasing sales. Migrating your print environment to ConnectKey is a smart business decision that will go a long way towards streamlining your business processes, all while increasing your employee’s productivity.

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