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Improve Overall Office Efficiency with Docushare

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Jan 24, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

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Every type of business has a workflow, studying it can help you determine what’s working and what’s not.  When it comes to document management and workflow, the same holds true. Identifying any problems or inefficiencies is the first step towards improving the effectiveness of creation, distribution, and approval of documents within your office. One of the best and easiest ways to achieve these results is to implement a content management platform to your office environment, in the form of easy to use software like DocuShare; read on to find out more.

Key Features

  • Supports all types of files, from emails to scanned documents.
  • Quick indexing, to help make searching and retrieving a breeze.
  • Multi-level security including:
    • SSL encryption
    • HIPPA compliant password protection
    • Individual event and audit logs.
  • Enhanced support for collaborative environments including:
    • Automatic rerouting of content under review
    • Web content management
    • Email management
  • Increased content management including:
    • Check in and check out.
    • Access to content is related to job requirements, thanks to flexible user levels.
    • Searching and indexing are open to both metadata and full text.
    • Achieve control over archiving and content expiration.

Collaboration Features

Team projects and documents can be completed with ease, as this software improves efficiency through collaborative features such as workspaces, blogs, wiki content and document approval and routing.  


The benefits of content management are widespread, with often-dramatic results within a short period of time:

  • By using less energy, paper and a significant reduction in shipping, your company’s carbon footprint becomes a lot smaller.
  • Operational costs are greatly reduced.
  • Time spent searching for information can be reduced by up to 80 percent.
  • Tight security measures reduce the risk factor and improve overall control.
  • Business processes that used to take weeks now take only minutes.
  • Customer satisfaction increases as information is quickly processed.
  • Employee efficiency reaches new heights as more work gets done in less time, reducing overhead as well as labor costs.

How Does It Work?

A few clicks of the mouse are all it takes for users to access, share or process information. Digital files can be uploaded, and paper documents scanned in to any multi function printer outfitted with this technology. From there, documents are automatically directed to the correct location or person.

DocuShare was designed for larger organizations and is capable of managing tens of thousands of users handling millions of documents. It is both scalable and flexible, making it adaptable to any work environment.  

Rule And Regulation Enforcement

The ability to see who did what and when allows for the documentation of highly accurate audit trails. For those organizations that must follow standards and regulations such as HIPPA, OSHA, ISO 900, JCAHO and others, internal policies can be quickly and easily adapted and enforced.

Document management is all about improving your company’s document workflow. The results of a successful program are reduced costs, increased productivity and security and an enhanced workflow. Ease of access to all users within your organizational system allows for the efficient sharing and processing of your information resulting in a streamlined workflow that can help you increase customer satisfaction as well as your bottom line.

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